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Digital Marketing / October 17, 2014
Join us Wednesday, October 29th at 9am for a presentation from the E-dreamz Digital Marketing team on how to prep your online business for the Holiday season. From Email Marketing to PPC to Social Media, we will help set you up for success.

September 23, 2014

Another huge number.. with even more gains. Ready how we've sent 26,000,000 emails and expect more soon!

Web Design / Jane Londeree/ September 19, 2014
With the exponential growth of smart phone and tablet users browsing the web on these devices, it's important to make sure your website is designed to adapt to all viewing environments. If it's difficult to browse your site from a phone or tablet, you could be missing out on an additional revenue stream.

Digital Marketing / August 13, 2014
I started my search marketing career a couple months back here with E-dreamz. Since then I have learned a few things about the art of search marketing and the industry as a whole. So, here are the top five things I have learned so far.

Digital Marketing / August 05, 2014
Key takeaways from Social Media day at Search Exchange.

August 05, 2014

Key takeaways from SEO day at Search Exchange.

Digital Marketing / August 05, 2014
The E-dreamz marketing team recently attended the Search Exchange Internet Marketing Conference held right here in Charlotte, NC. The 3 day conference was full of very impressive and nationally known search marketing presenters. Read my thoughts on Day 1 of the conference which covered Paid Search.

Digital Marketing / August 04, 2014
In this Internet Age, Content is King. You should create content regularly to make sure that you are staying relevant as well as consistently contributing to your site's SEO. Manage this content with an Editorial Calendar - here's how...

Digital Marketing / June 19, 2014
In June, E-dreamz is excited to offer a limited number of complete social media contests - at no cost to you!

Digital Marketing / May 29, 2014
Two months ago EmailzDirect was sending emails out at a blistering pace. We had proudly just crossed the 10,000,000 emails sent mark. This week we celebrate a milestone that came much faster than expected – 15,000,000 emails delivered!

Web Design / May 23, 2014
E-dreamz wins two Hermes Creative Awards for our work in web design.

Digital Marketing / May 16, 2014
E-dreamz is hosting an exclusive Google webinar!

Digital Marketing / May 06, 2014
In this post, we breakdown what all it takes to properly run a successful social media contest. This recent contest resulted in 667 entries, 619 new Facebook likes and 28,000 visits to the Facebook page all within a one week time frame.

Digital Marketing / April 14, 2014
When To Email Your Customers. This is a question that often comes up in sales meetings and even after we start email campaigns. To start off I'd like to point out that there is no right answer. This is not a one size fits all tactic and will be different for every company or industry. Here is my perspective from someone who sits behind the scenes and works with 30+ companies emailing monthly.

Digital Marketing / March 24, 2014
After many inquiries following our celebration of 10,000,000 emails sent, we wanted to share tips on how you can start maximizing your email marketing strategies. The first step is actually getting customers’ emails. Here is how:

Digital Marketing / March 14, 2014
10,000,000 - The number of emails sent since our re-launch of EmailzDirect

Digital Marketing / January 15, 2014
A few months back, I briefly outlined what a monthly internet marketing report looks like. For us, it begins with a reiteration of goals, followed by an overview of statistics such as revenue, website traffic, click cost, click through rate, conversion rate, ect