We are more than web designers & marketers; we are healthcare industry technical experts with more than twenty years experience managing major healthcare groups' online entities. Our primary goal as a valued partner for your medical practice is to help you navigate ever-changing trends and requirements in the digital healthcare space. Whether this is advising on potential compliance violations with third party data trackers, helping you choose the best accessibility solution for ADA support and WCAG adherence, or simply guiding you to the best patient-data handlers for intake forms, appointment scheduling, records access or patient portals, our technical team can help you define and establish a technology stack that enhances your patient-focused user experience while maintaining compliance and streamlining operations. 

Our healthcare technology experts have experience integrating all popular patient-management software tools into our ECHO Health web platform. Regardless of which appointment scheduling service you use or what specific patient-handling utilities your practice leverages, we can develop any necessary custom data extensions or integrations to your ECHO Health website to automate workflows and maintain compliance by ensuring appropriate secure handling of any PHI.

In most cases, we work with medical groups that have established tools for common patient data handlers such as appointment scheduling, online bill payment, patient portal access, records access, or simple HIPAA compliance contact forms. Where a group doesn't have established tools, we can help advise you on which solutions would be the best fit for your practice and help you implement those solutions. And where a change is made to an existing data handler, we can help you navigate the switchover process - both externally to your patients and internally for your management staff.

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