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E-dreamz specializes in providing a full suite of digital marketing and web design services that help businesses grow online. We are a team of top internet marketers, web designers, and developers located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our solutions empower forward thinking companies to redefine their business through digital marketing and development solutions. With over 18 years in business E-dreamz has the strategic, creative and technical expertise required for success. Choose E-dreamz to be your conversion expert.
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A successful digital marketing campaign considers everything from lead acquisition to the purchasing process from start to finish and beyond. We thoroughly analyze your target market and devise a strategy to turn your website leads into customers.

At E-dreamz we focus our web development and design on eCommerce and lead generation solutions dedicated to your business first. Our solutions are engaging and informative while maintaining balance between artistry, technology and usability.

Insights & Perspectives going on at E-dreamz

Digital Marketing / July 27, 2017
Learn how to effectively use paid advertising to acquire quality leads and gauge market depth while controlling your budget.
Digital Marketing / July 17, 2017
Google has reaffirmed content marketing as the apex predator in SEO combat with a series of massive sweeping updates. How you fare moving forward will depend on the strength of your content fu.
Digital Marketing / June 29, 2017
Take a deep-dive with me and learn how Snapchat's new initiatives will effect both digital and social media marketing down the road.