Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Groups

User experience, mobile friendliness, page quality, web vitals, loading speeds… The factors that influence your website’s ultimate search ranking potential extend far beyond simply having excellent, keyword rich content.

The modern foundation of an effective SEO strategy is highly technical. That’s why E-dreamz looks at our ECHO Health SEO services from two different, but related, perspectives. First is your website’s technical, or foundational, SEO. This is the actual structure, performance and design of your website, web pages, server configuration, and other technical aspects of your business’s online presence. The second is strategic, or content-focused, SEO. This involves analyzing and predicting data models, keyword positions, competitor actions, and other off-page factors to develop an effective content recommendation strategy.

Maintaining an effective SEO strategy is often a full-time job. Our team of developers, strategists, marketers, analysts and consultants manage the optimization strategy for dozens of the nation’s largest orthopedic and specialty care groups.

E-dreamz Healthcare SEO Tactics & Activities

  • Audit your current SEO footprint - and that of your key regional competitors - to establish baselines and begin formulating an SEO growth strategy
  • Establish patient-focused keyword portfolios that segment your position tracking by locale, service, provider or treatment
  • Implement tactics that make search engines happy — from writing user-focused content to eliminating duplicate information
  • Develop campaign or content specific landing pages, email blasts, or social media posts
  • Analyze your backlinks, disavow toxic backlinks, and help promote a healthy link building strategy
  • Manage all technical aspects of foundational SEO - error corrections, 301 redirects, sitemap generation, duplicate content or 404 cleanup, etc.
  • Set up and optimize local search listings through Google My Business or other relevant local directories
  • Continually monitor and optimize your site’s technical SEO performance through the use of best-practice webmaster tools

E-dreamz Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy & Reporting

Through detailed analytics, routine reporting, continual focus on competitors, rankings, position changes, and search volume, our team of content-focused marketing strategists will help your healthcare marketing team curate high-engagement content that appeals to patients, industry peers, and is optimized for search engines.

  • Analysis, Research & Insights — Through custom reporting we deliver routine, monthly executive summaries that both recap your current performance and provide recommendations for growth
  • Content Marketing Strategy — We’ll help your internal teams cultivate impactful healthcare marketing content that is both search-engine optimized and engaging for patients and peers
  • Content Structure, Design & Dissemination — We’ll help you adjust your optimized content into the formats and designs that are most effective for web pages, email blasts, social media posts, or for sharing on other channels

Paid Ad Management Services | Maximizing Your Paid Media Campaigns

Paid ad management services are a vital component of any business’s online marketing strategy. They allow companies to target specific demographics and interests, generate high-quality leads, and boost brand awareness.

Campaign Conceptualization & Creation

In order to create effective ad campaigns, you must first analyze the appropriate data to help you make informed decisions on what keywords, demographics, areas, and times to target. Our certified strategists are experts at crafting healthcare ad campaigns that yield immediate results while also providing more deeper-level data to help us drive more effective campaigns, ad groups and individual targeted ads going forward.

Ongoing Monitoring and Optimization

Nothing is "set it and forget" in the world of paid media. Influencing factors such as competitor engagement, seasonal trends, disruptors in the marketplace, or even platform-level changes from Google for their ad manager, occur frequently and have dramatic impact on the overall performance of your campaigns. Our marketing team monitors and adjust all active campaigns at least once a week to ensure your ad dollars are always being spent as effectively as possible. 

Custom Reporting

While we can and do provide standard, real-time dashboards for ad performance, we also customize each monthly report to show the most meaningful metrics to each of our clients. Often, the base level data of ad performance doesn't tell the best story for how your campaigns are truly performing. We work with each of our clients to understand your business, your goals, your marketing focus, and your paid media strategy, and then craft a reporting format that provides the best data and visibility to support your overall marketing strategy. 

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