Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing industry that encompasses a variety of ways to target your users, prospects, and customers. Keeping up with the latest trends, tools, algorithms, and techniques can be a daunting task. E-dreamz can help you achieve success by examining your current online visibility, explain the strengths and limitations of Digital Marketing and help you determine a plan of action. We will customize and execute a Digital Marketing Campaign to meet and exceed those goals. Our Digital Marketing Strategists will then plan, launch, and continually optimize your campaigns to ensure an optimal return on investment.

Our Charlotte Internet Marketing services include: Benefits of digital marketing can include:
  • Increase Leads and Sales Opportunities
  • Improve Digital Presence
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Create Exclusive Web-Based Promotions
  • Acquire New Customers in Target Markets
  • Optimize Experience for Current Customers
  • Protect and Improve Brand Reputation
  • Establish, Grow and Optimize Web Presence
  • Increase Customer and Community Engagement
  • Lower Cost Per Acquisition vs. Traditional Marketing
  • Measurable Results
The first position on Google search results on desktop has a 34.36% clickthrough rate.
By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending.
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