E-dreamz utilizes a ticket-based Help Desk system to support our clients who make routine site update or maintenance requests.

To submit a ticket, please visit our Help Desk Client Portal. From there, your request will be reviewed and responded to by a member of our support staff through phone or email.

Key advantages of the Help Desk

>> Faster Response Times:

We encourage all clients to use the Help Desk rather than submit requests directly to an individual member of our staff. Through the Help Desk, any member of our team can respond to your requests. This will result in faster response rather than waiting for an individual on our team to field your email and establish a ticket on your behalf. 

>> Direct Access

The Help Desk offers all of our clients direct access to our full team of designers, marketers, analysts, programmers, and system administrators. You'll be working directly with the people who are handling your requests, creating greater efficiencies in communication and turnaround times.

>> Better Tracking & Reporting

The Help Desk provides both you and the E-dreamz support team with enhanced tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. We can provide more accurate estimates and timelines, and we can manage more effective review-approval cycles. Through the help desk client portal, you can see all estimates, status changes, notification, and communication history on all of your submitted requests. 

Hours of Operation

Our standard hours of support are Monday through Thursday, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. We provide emergency support on evenings and weekends for critical issues only.

Hourly Rate (2023)

Our standard hourly rate is $130 per hour. 
Off-hours emergency support requests made on evenings (after 4pm Mon-Thur) or weekends (Fri-Sun) will be billed at double our standard rate. 

Help Desk Access & Usage Overview