iFAQ: Mike Fleming

iFAQ: Mike Fleming, Chief Technology Officer

For our next installment of infrequently asked questions, we will be sitting down to interview Mike Fleming, our Chief Technology Officer here at E-dreamz. Mike is originally from Mint Hill, NC but currently resides in Belmont, NC with his wife, son and dog. Mike enjoys staying up-to-date with technology as much as possible and also enjoys iRacing as a hobby. Read more about our awesome Chief Technology Officer, Mike, in our blog post.

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Landing Page Design

Tips for Effective Landing Page Design

A landing page in web design and digital marketing is basically a single website page that is used for relaying specific information to users and urging them to take action based on this information in some way. This action could be to send in their contact information, buy a product if they are an eCommerce website, sign-up for a newsletter, register for an event, or any other number actions that can be taken. Landing page designs are often used by businesses to sell information to a user whether it be about a business, product, special event, or just advertising in general.

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Throwing Copper

Epic Albumz | Live: Throwing Copper

This is one of the first albums that I would just put on repeat and listen to it over and over. I was only 10 years old when Live's Throwing Copper was released. I heard some of the songs here and there from the radio but didn't really fall in love with it until a few years later when my older brother got a copy of the CD.  I have many fond memories that involve this album. From just cruising around with my brother and his sound system blaring, to many weekend nights camping and listening to music around the fire. This was always the first and last thing we played almost every time. The anticipation of riding around waiting for the bass to hit when I Alone's chorus kicks in was epic!

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iFAQ - Jane

iFAQ: Jane Londeree, Senior Digital Designer & Art Director

For our next installment of infrequently asked questions, we will be sitting down to interview Jane Londeree, our Senior Digital Designer and Art Director here at E-dreamz, who has been an integral apart of our team for almost 9 years now. Jane is originally from Mooresville, NC where she left her hometown to go to college in Boone at Appalachian State to study graphic design. Jane now lives in Charlotte with her husband, cats and is expecting her first child this November - a baby boy! Find out more about Jane today our blog.

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medical cms

What to Look for in a Medical CMS Patform

If you are setting up and planning a medical website design you will need to consider many different factors for a content management system, or CMS, to make sure you are getting exactly what you need out of your site from an admin standpoint alone. Medical websites are usually content-heavy with the number of doctors, locations, and media so therefore they consist of many components, assets, and rotating content. It’s crucial to make sure your medical CMS platform can handle all of these different components and rich media and handle it well.

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Fleet Foxes

Epic Albumz | Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes

My relationship with Fleet Foxes began with a blind date.

I was 19. A year before, I had moved from the city of Charlotte to the bigger city of Chicago. From there I had come to a small town in central Virginia just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Still reeling with culture shock and trying to find my place, I was sitting alone in a common area of my college studying. Out of nowhere, I was interrupted by a random guy I’d never seen before asking if I’d like to go on “The Great Date ‘08” with him. He explained that his roommates had challenged each other to find someone they don’t know and treat them to a group date involving home-cooked food and go-karts.

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infrequently asked questions

iFAQ: Meghan Boice, Digital Marketing Strategist

For our next installment of infrequently asked questions, we will be sitting down to interview Meghan Boice, a digital marketing strategist here at E-dreamz, who has been an integral apart of our team for almost 3 years now. Meghan moved from Endicott, NY a few years ago after graduating college to escape the cold weather and snow. Since then she has thoroughly enjoyed her time here in Charlotte and the amazing weather we have here year-round. Read on to learn more about our awesome digital marketing strategist, Meghan!

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Medical Website and Artificial Intelligence

AI's Impact on the Healthcare Industry & Healthcare Websites

AI will continue to impact the healthcare industry in many ways as the latest technological advances are discovered and implemented. Not only is the healthcare industry impacted by AI for its role in the healthcare practices themselves, part of AI’s impact on healthcare is on marketing and advertising services, and how the website operates and helps users. There will be more access to services and resources available on the healthcare website. AI will also transform how web developers operate as many tasks will be automated as well.

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Furniture eCommerce Website

Things I've Learned from Developing Multiple Luxury Furniture eCommerce Sites

When building an eCommerce website, understanding the website’s industry is hugely important. What kinds of customers will be visiting the site? What are they expecting to find? In the 10 years, I’ve spent working with large luxury furniture companies, I have learned a lot! Some of it is specific to the furniture business, but most of it can be applied to many different eCommerce industries.

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Lady Gaga | The Fame Monster

Epic Albumz | Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster

They say music that ends up staying with you that you started listening to around high-school/college age, so essentially your late teens to early twenties. I started thinking about “albums” or “tracks” around this age that moved me and honestly they are probably right. (“They” is essentially the music industry people who honestly only create music for a certain age group now.) The music I listen to now was definitely shaped by my 19-year-old self. I guess ‘they’ were right.

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infrequently asked questions

iFAQ: Katelynn Barlowe, Senior Full-Stack Developer

For our next installment of infrequently asked questions, we will be sitting down to interview Katelynn Barlowe, a senior full-stack web developer here at E-dreamz who has been an integral apart of our team for over 10 years. Katelynn started her career as an intern with E-dreamz while in college and was quickly added on as a full-time web developer upon her move from Charlotte to Lynchburg, VA. Katelynn currently still resides in Lynchburg, Virginia with her husband and three children where she works remotely full-time.

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Charlotte SEO services

How Lead Generation and SEO Can Help Your Business Succeed

Simply having a business online isn’t enough to get someone’s attention in today’s competitive climate. People browsing have the same amount of time but plenty more information and resources to scour through to get what they want.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches on average per day according to internet live stats and the first page of Google’s search results eat up 95% of web traffic. It’s no wonder why so many companies starting out struggle to get their footing established online. SEO is a long term game and requires patience, determination, and the right practices but getting it right means your business’ success.

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