healthcare local seo ranking tips

Tips On Using Local SEO to Attract Patients

Local SEO strategies and tips to grow your medical practice organically

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award winning healthcare web design agency

Design Tips For Creating An Award Winning Healthcare Website

It's more important than ever to provide an engaging mobile experience for your award-winning medical website design.

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SSL Importance for HIPAA Compliance & Trust

SSL Importance for HIPAA Compliance & Trust

Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a great foundation for encrypting interactions on healthcare websites that patients may do, such as requesting an appointment, filling out forms, or asking questions.

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healthcare social media marketing strategy

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing In Healthcare

Social media in the healthcare industry provides a reliable marketing location to talk about your brand, products, services, and expertise.

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toa diet nutrition tips stahlman exercise

Spotlight: TOA - The Doctor Is In w/ Dr. Gray Stahlman & Anita Slaughter

Joined by Anita Slaughter, Dr. Gray Stahlman discuss truths, common myths, and pitfalls in nutrition and training.

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digital marketing medical leads nurturing content engagement

New Patient Medical Lead Nurturing Tips

In the digital world, there’s a mix of digital marketing strategies and content strategies that help make that consumer decision easier through nurturing.

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client vendor relationship importance

The Client-Vendor Relationship: Forming & Maintaining Healthy Partnerships

We don't sell websites; we form partnerships. Our entire business is structured with that one simple goal in mind - to form a healthy, prosperous partnership with our clients that is effective, amicable, and long-lasting. 

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three healthcare reputation seo ranking tips

Healthcare Marketing Tips: 3 Ways To Boost Your Reputation

Ranking well on Google’s search when people look up healthcare services in their local area is critical to continuously bring in new customers

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Healthcare Email Marketing Tips

Healthcare Email Marketing - Best Practices

Every email campaign or newsletter sent out to your patients and medical network can be considered email marketing. Whether it be promoting appointment reminders, events, or awareness, you should consider each email as a way to advertise your medical business and practice. It has now been over 40 years since the first email was ever sent and, email marketing has drastically evolved since this time, to say the least. There are now set standards and expectations out there for each email sent and by following simple rules you can ensure you are following the best practices for email marketing. Many of these rules for email blasts are also required by law through the CAN-SPAM Act. Today on the E-dreamz blog, we will go over a few of these best practices and how to best implement them. Be sure to check the CAN-SPAM Act page regularly to make sure you are following all of the latest best practices and regulations that exist since we will only be covering a few of the most pertinent.

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healthcare doctors seo strategies 2021

Healthcare SEO Strategies For 2021

Healthcare SEO strategy tips of 2021 for doctors and healthcare facilities to increase organic rankings.

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medical cms

What to Look for in a Medical CMS Patform

If you are setting up and planning a medical website design you will need to consider many different factors for a content management system, or CMS, to make sure you are getting exactly what you need out of your site from an admin standpoint alone. Medical websites are usually content-heavy with the number of doctors, locations, and media so therefore they consist of many components, assets, and rotating content. It’s crucial to make sure your medical CMS platform can handle all of these different components and rich media and handle it well.

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Healthcare SEO strategy diagram

3 Checkups to Improve SEO for Healthcare Providers

Keyword research for your Healthcare Practice is by far the most important step of a successful healthcare SEO strategy. From this initial phase, the blueprint for all future content planning and development will be targeted and scheduled for publication.

Finding out exactly what medical keywords are searched by potential patients is vital to being positioned in the most advantageous Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) on the first page of Google. Therefore, exhaustive keyword research and planning done initially for doctors, dentists, hospitals, and specialized practices can either make or break your inbound lead generation and patient acquisition numbers year over year.

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