Latest Launch: Rockcliff Oral Surgery

We’re excited to announce the latest digital property launched into our Remedy CMS network - Rockcliff Oral Surgery. Rockcliff is an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice with multiple office locations in the mountains of western North Carolina. Our Remedy CMS platform is an ideal fit for this high-performing, fast-growing healthcare organization.

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ECHO by E-dreamz - Upgraded CMS Page Editor

With our latest dot-version release, we've upgraded our integrated page editor to Redactor 4. This update adds new page element management features to more easily create grids, tables and other layouts within the standard page editor. This update will soon be available to all ECHO by E-dreamz and Remedy CMS users.

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Latest Launch: Envision Dental Implants

Our latest healthcare partner website has launched for Envision Dental Implants. Envision is a specialized treatment option for full-arch dental implants provided by oral surgery and prosthodontist teams. Powered by our Remedy CMS healthcare website management platform, Envision’s new website delivers a custom, patient-focused digital experience that focuses on both engagement and education.

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IMPACT SOLUTIONS: Static Image Paths for Appointment Scheduling Software

While we’ve always worked with healthcare appointment scheduling integrations to help build seamless experiences that improve patient workflows and automate administrative activities for our medical clients, one challenge that we recently faced was related to minimizing manual interaction with synchronizing doctor and provider photos for a MyChart by Epic setup. We created a new static image path feature in our Remedy CMS to accomplish exactly this.

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Latest Launch: Flagship Specialty Partners

E-dreamz is excited to announce our latest website launch for Flagship Specialty Partners. Flagship is unique in that they’re a practice management group that handles operational, marketing and administrative duties for a number of oral and facial surgery practices. Flagship’s new website is a custom corporate site powered by our Remedy CMS healthcare website management platform.

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IMPACT SOLUTIONS: Component Export Controller

The E-dreamz engineering team recently developed a new Component Export Controller to facilitate fast, easy and selective exports of key data points from individual website components and item entries. This new tool helps our clients quickly and easily provide data exports from their websites to assist with synchronization across other systems without having to manually sift through large full-scale exports from our more comprehensive Data Pump tool.

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E-dreamz Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

February, 2024 marks E-dreamz' 25th Anniversary. It's been a long, wild ride. Click below to check out some of the key milestones in our two and half decade history as a leading software development and technology company.

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DESIGN & UX: How to Design a Trustworthy eCommerce Website

Trustworthiness for an eCommerce website is crucial to ensure not only a good customer experience but to also spread the word of your brand and customer conversion. It’s actually pretty easy to create a trustworthy site if you know the basics on how to do so. Today we’ll introduce a few key items and ways to create a website that promotes trustworthiness to ensure customer satisfaction and safety on the internet.

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Alternatives to Google Analytics for Data Privacy Protection

In the digital age, where data is the new currency, safeguarding user information is of utmost importance. Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service, has been the go-to tool for many businesses, but concerns over data privacy have led to an exploration of alternatives. This article delves into alternative solutions that not only offer robust analytics but also prioritize data privacy.

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UPS API Changes Taking Effect June 2024

Last year, UPS announced an impactful change to their API for calculating shipping rates. Any eCommerce websites that currently pull UPS rates for shipping calculations on their orders are likely impacted by this change. To see if your business is impacted, read the details in this post.

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UX & Design Trends 2024

DESIGN & UX: 8 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2024

The year 2024 will be marked by many emerging web design trends like: 90's nostalgia, the continual rise of dark mode on mobile and desktop, accessibility, artificial intelligence and more. In this post we'd like to touch the surface on a few of these trends and how they will impact the internet, web design and digital marketing as a whole.

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Google & Yahoo Set New DMARC Requirements for Email Deliverability

In an effort to combat fraudulent and unsolicited messages from cluttering up users’ inboxes, major mail platform providers like Google and Yahoo are implementing email authentication measures to do a better job of blocking those types of messages. The requirements, however, are impactful to any businesses that send transactional or marketing messages to or recipients. And the clock to meet the new requirements is ticking.

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