The Ultimate Guide to Ophthalmology Marketing

If you're trying to build your ophthalmology practice, you know how daunting the task can be. 38.5% of Americans have not visited their eye doctor within the last year, so it's not always at the forefront of people's minds. Fortunately, there are ways to draw attention to your practice, and many of them are free! Let's talk about the different types of ophthalmology marketing and how to use them in your strategy.

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FREE UX Design Resources We Love - Pexels Mobile

FREE UX Design Resources We Love

Everybody loves free design resources especially when it comes to great quality. We've compiled a list of a few of our favorite free UX resources on the web from photography, icons, templates to research resources and more. We hope this can help inspire your next web design or UX project.

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Case Study: Andrews Sports Medicine

Our first priority was to understand Andrews Sports Medicine, its patients, providers, staff, history of the brand, its image and how individuals view their brand currently. We talked with the Andrews marketing and communications team, discussing the details of their services, brand, strategies, and expectations. We then implemented and executed that strategy to deliver a best in class website and digital marketing plan.

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inflation advertising marketing impact consumer targeting alternatives

Inflation and Its Impact On Consumer Decisions

In 2022, we all are experiencing the emotional and physical results of inflation. Gas prices, electricity bills, home improvements, groceries, clothing prices, and even dog and cat food among many other products, have increased in what we as consumers normally pay. What suffers in our normal lives when we pay higher prices? Consumers spend less time spending frivolously, eating out, making purchases online for items the would like to have, and overall entertainment spending drops. Instead, they we start considering alternatives to our normal products they love to buy because of the lesser cost.

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META Plays Catch Up To TikTok By Changing Its Feed To (Almost) Match

The key mindset is video content. TikTok’s news feed is focused on finding video content easily, and looking up people, brands, and trends quickly. The social media giant is gaining in popularity where startups, enterprise businesses, individuals, and charities are all creating content for.

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mobile design ux free tools

2 Free Responsive Design Tools

Having a functional website that presents itself on a mobile device in a usable and visually pleasing way is a critical competitive advantage for a business

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Team Creating Cohesive User Experience Design

5 Tips to a Cohesive User-Experience

Designing high-quality UX isn't rocket science-- in fact, there are several easy tricks to make sure your interface is clean and cohesive. You don't need to be a designer to take these core rules into consideration when planning for an interface.

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arbor day web design digital marketing planting edreamz

Planting A Tree In Web Design & Digital Marketing

In our profession, digital marketing and web design share similarities to Arbor Day.

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target audience listening web design strategy edreamz agency

Understanding Your Core Audience

Understanding your core audience, their values when taking interest in your brand, and the content that interests them will provide a great web experience.

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website development mistakes avoid tips

10 Common Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

When creating a website from scratch, there are SO many things that you need to do that sometimes it can get overwhelming wondering if you are meeting basic website standards or on the alternative doing things that do not make for a good website. We have come up with a list of the things that you need to know to avoid when planning and finalizing your website design. Avoid these common website mistakes to help your business stay competitive, polished, and professional online.

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marketing analysis brand recognition trends

How To Measure Your Brand Recognition Strategy

Measuring the success of your brand marketing campaigns will show how your audience remembers your brand and interest.

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brand marketing strategy influence advice agency

What is the value of your brand?

Value is determined by the receiver, who can be customers, employees, investors, and a network for awareness. In this mix, there's probably a variety of answers where some are positive and negative.

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