Structured Data

How to Enrich Your Site with Structured Data

Structured data is coded in the JavaScript or HTML of your page in order to send Google information describing your page. This is a way to tell Google explicitly what it needs to know so it doesn’t have to gather clues from a jumble of code. It also classifies your page content into categories like the following: Article, Product, Recipe, Review, Event, Local Business, Job Posting, or even simply Web Page. All of these things will help your page rank better in searches.

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Come in, we're open restaurant dining room stock image

Top Priorities When Setting Up & Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

Chances are that you’ve heard of Google My Business or maybe you’ve already started verifying your business locations on Google and don’t know what to do next or why it’s important for your business. Having a local listing helps people in the community find you, but can also provide more information about your business that may not be on the website. Take the time to set up your local listing and make sure you’ve filled out all the information that you can. Once it's complete, continue to encourage customers to leave reviews and always keep the listed information up to date.

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Healthcare SEO strategy diagram

3 Checkups to Improve SEO for Healthcare Providers

Keyword research for your Healthcare Practice is by far the most important step of a successful healthcare SEO strategy. From this initial phase, the blueprint for all future content planning and development will be targeted and scheduled for publication.

Finding out exactly what medical keywords are searched by potential patients is vital to being positioned in the most advantageous Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) on the first page of Google. Therefore, exhaustive keyword research and planning done initially for doctors, dentists, hospitals, and specialized practices can either make or break your inbound lead generation and patient acquisition numbers year over year.

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COVID-19 Marketing Strategies

Forward Thinking Digital Marketing Strategies Amid COVID-19

We’re living through an important part of history, and as an online business, there’s no better opportunity than to buckle down and lean heavily into more digital marketing strategies. With people at home and more time to spare, you should be focusing on reaching them and building a relationship. Businesses that are able to use the circumstances to their advantage will be the ones thriving once this is all over.

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Healthcare Website

Eight Essential Things All Great Medical Websites Have in Common

Medical websites can be difficult to plan for with the amount of content and rich media it takes to create a site that is professional, resourceful and trustworthy. We’d like to break down with you some of the essential items you need to make sure you have when planning your healthcare website so you can stay competitive in your industry and gain potential patient’s trust. Here at E-dreamz, we specialize in creating a wide variety of healthcare websites and have become experts in the field of medical website design, marketing and development.

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Kiss - Alive II

Epic Albumz | KISS: Alive II

I admit, I was a KISS fan way back in the late 70s. Yes, I said late 70s. Now as a fan, at that time, it didn’t mean I actually owned or had any KISS music. KISS to me, when I was 6 or so, were 4 comic book characters that were on cards and posters at the store and local fair. I’m not even sure I even heard a KISS song until about 1978 or so. One of my earliest memories was going to my neighbor’s house, who had HBO (they must have been rich), and watching KISS live in concert. I then convinced my mom to buy me a “45” vinyl single for ‘I was Made for Lovin’ You’ which had ‘Hard Times’ on the B-side.

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Social Media Planning | 2020 Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends for 2020 - Tips for Higher Engagement

Social strategy for each brand looks very different. With the rise of influencer marketing over the last few years, along with the many changes within the social platforms themselves, social media strategy for businesses has completely changed. Even more changes are bound to happen in 2020, but here are some of the trends that we see happening this year that can help increase your engagement. Don’t underestimate the power of social media for your business.

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Tommy Bahama Home Decor

Optimizing Product Detail Pages

When optimizing your eCommerce website design you need to look closely at your biggest asset: your product detail pages. This is what you are trying to sell, everything else is just a lure to get you to these pages. The next thing you need to ask yourself is, are my product detail pages fully optimized? Do they have everything they need to sell and rank well? If you are unsure please, review the list of questions below to see how your product pages can be properly optimized.

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Pearl Jam Ten

Epic Albumz | Pearl Jam: Ten

Music propels us, fuels us, inspires us. And some of it, the rarest best of the best, truly becomes a part of us. Epic Albumz is all about recognizing and sharing stories about those classic records that helped shaped us E-dreamerz into the rockstar web devs we are today. 

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Tips for Optimizing a Location Page for a Medical Website

Do not overlook the optimization of the location pages on a medical website. This is one of the most important tasks to be done to get the pages to rank within Google. There are tasks to be done on the back end of the site for Google to crawl. As well as, tasks that need to be done on the front end of the site for patient user experience. A medical website is different than other sites in many ways. Check out these tips to see the things that should not be left out during the optimization process of a location page on a healthcare website. 

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Automotive Industry

Tips for Designing & Planning an Automotive eCommerce Website Design

Automotive eCommerce website design or websites for car parts can be really complicated at times with the number of brands, car part types, and products. A few simple tips, like organizing your products correctly, can help relieve the stress of the user shopping online and make your eCommerce site intuitive. Check out a list of tips we've come up with and contact us today if you have any questions or an interest in growing your automotive website today.

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E-dreamz Automotive eCommerce - Kooks Headers

Case Study: Kooks Headers

Our latest new website launch is an automotive eCommerce application for Kooks Headers. We always enjoy the opportunity to build new sites in the aftermarket automotive space. Kooks is a bit unique in that they had previously worked with E-dreamz in the past, decided to try out Shopify, were unsuccessful in creating a Shopify solution that could meet their business needs, and ultimately came back to us for a brand new, fully-custom Echo-based website. We were happy to re-engage with the Kooks team and help them create a custom web development experience that elevates their online retail business to the heights they needed.

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