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How Lead Generation and SEO Can Help Your Business Succeed

Simply having a business online isn’t enough to get someone’s attention in today’s competitive climate. People browsing have the same amount of time but plenty more information and resources to scour through to get what they want.

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches on average per day according to internet live stats and the first page of Google’s search results eat up 95% of web traffic. It’s no wonder why so many companies starting out struggle to get their footing established online. SEO is a long term game and requires patience, determination, and the right practices but getting it right means your business’ success.

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2022 Website Design and Marketing Trends

3 Medical Web Design Trend Predictions for 2022

2022 will be an interesting year with COVID-19 continuing to impact regions around the world. There is now a greater increase in the importance of websites as a whole since people are now at home more working, communicating, and setting appointments online more than ever. With this being said, we are expected to see a rise in websites improving their overall offerings in general and user interface design needs to be top-notch to support this. Design trends will constantly be evolving from year to year, but 2022 will be unique in that more people are online so things may evolve faster and companies may experiment more. We’ve highlighted a few of the most common elements we expect to become popular or continue to rise.

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10 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

Struggling to get traffic to your site? Here is E-dreamz's list of 10 items to help boost rankings on your site.  This list covers topics from social to how to improve items on your website to gain more website visitors.  

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How to Generate Positive Website Reviews and Testimonials

There’s a lot that happens in the customer’s journey. Many patients do research on the company and the doctor before setting an appointment. Reviews are a big part of any business because many customers read reviews before making any decisions. There are many ways to encourage your audience to write reviews, and often, different methods work for different types of businesses.

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Web Design Planning Tips for 2022 Desk Scene

7 Website Design Non-Negotiables for 2022

“Digital accessibility refers to the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites, digital tools and technologies, by people with disabilities.” - Georgetown Law

Read this blog post to find out the scoop on digital accessibility, telemedicine, trust and other website design non-negotiables for 2022.

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Health + Wellness Social Marketing Tips

Standing out in the constant up-scrolling feeds of Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, can be a challenge. We've prepared a handful of social media marketing tips to consider that can separate your brand and the message you're communicating from the clutter.

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Digital Marketing Strategies That Support Teledentistry for 2022

Teledentistry is a general phrase that represents the wide scope of dental health services that can be serviced to patients virtually.

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E-dreamz - A Full Service Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

The Healthcare & Wellness industry is constantly evolving. E-dreamz, a healthcare digital marketing agency that’s been a partner for small, medium, and enterprise practitioners and organizations for over 20 years, is equipped in its core to adapt change and growth into its strategies.

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3 Medical Marketing Tips For 2022 - Discover Your Audience for Health & Wellness Professionals

As a health & wellness business owner, practitioner, and professional, using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok usually make up a part of your healthcare marketing online and how you communicate your brand

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How To Choose The Right SEO Agency

Guide in knowing the essentials of SEO that will benefit your business for the short and long-term growth of your healthcare practice.

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New Site Launch: Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists

When Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists (DOS) began their search for a new digital partner, they were searching for an agency with deep knowledge of the orthopedics industry and best in class design and development capabilities. E-dreamz is thrilled to have been selected as DOS’ new partner, and we’re proud of the new relationship we’ve forged with their healthcare organization.

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3 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Private Practice

3 marketing strategies to help your private practice grow in new patients

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