Every organization and brand that, at some point, needs to re-engage with their audience. B2B and B2C organizations face this same challenge. While the technology may change slightly, creativity mixed with an authentic approach can work wonders in the campaign.

COVID-19 brought this challenge to organizations worldwide. While some turned to paid advertising, social media and SEO became a lifeline for most. The goal was to find how well a brand can connect with their audience who now have new and common challenges of their own.


Into 2022, health, safety, and wellness continue to resonate with the public. These characteristics of consumer needs are critical across most brand offerings. Doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, urgent care clinics, and other healthcare organizations continue to practice ongoing visual (photos, videos) and text communications expressing cleanliness for healthy environments.

Spa treatments, nail salons, resorts, hotels all the way to business offices that invite guests for meetings meet the same requirement to attract the interest of their audience.



Consumers care more to engage with content on social media, search engines, and ads that place value in the impact of a topic. This characteristic is valid with millenials, where the majority (75% according to emarketer.com) expect brands to talk about social issues and topics that matter to them.


Originality and thoughtful content from brands make an impact to a wide variety of audiences. Choosing social platforms as the prime location of your organziation's voice, or Google using SEO and/or PPC, attending events, or doing Direct Marketing all have valid means to attract the right audience that can re-energize a brand and stay competitive.

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