The E-dreamz engineering team recently developed a new Component Export Controller to facilitate fast, easy and selective exports of key data points from individual website components and item entries. This new tool helps our clients quickly and easily provide data exports from their websites to assist with synchronization across other systems without having to manually sift through large full-scale exports from our more comprehensive Data Pump tool.

As digital solutions providers, much of the work we do involves migrating, synchronizing, exporting or importing data between various systems. Through our Echo by E-dreamz and Remedy CMS website management platforms, we commonly leverage our Data Pump import/export tool or custom API integrations to manage these types of data transfers. However, sometimes a more focused subset of exports data is requested. Rather than burden our clients or their other vendors with unnecessarily large export files, we endeavored to create a solution that would simplify and streamline the data export process.

Recently, one of our premier partners was setting up an appointment scheduling integration that required getting key information exported from their website. The information needed was related to individual entries in the client’s custom Team component, which included details such as name, title, biography, education, photo, specialties, image link, profile URL, etc.

In an effort to make the integration process more streamlined, we built a custom Component Export Controller that would allow the client to selectively choose any and all data points from their Team component to output in .csv format. This gave us and the client the ability to hand-feed the appointment scheduling implementation team exactly the data they needed in a format they could quickly and easily work with. This shaved time off the overall integration project and provided a mechanism for quick routine updates in the future.

E-dreamz Component Export Controller
Example of the new Component Export Controller illustrating the ability to select any/all individual data points from a custom component for quick and routine data exports in .csv format

As custom developers, we continually evaluate and enhance our Echo and Remedy platforms to bring new capabilities and quality of life features to our clients. When faced with challenges like this one, our approach is to build solutions that can be broadly applied to our platforms and used by any of our partners and clients.

The new Component Export Controller is exactly this type of enhancement. If you’re currently on our Echo or Remedy platform, and you have the need to routinely export sub-sets of data from any of your custom components, let us know. Our engineering team can apply the new Export Controller to your Component(s).


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