Last year, UPS announced an impactful change to their API for calculating shipping rates. Any eCommerce websites that currently pull UPS rates for shipping calculations on their orders are likely impacted by this change.

Without diving into the gory details, UPS is deprecating the access key format they’ve supported for years in favor of a new security model.

Per UPS:

  • Beginning June 5, 2023, UPS will no longer issue API access keys
  • On June 3, 2024, access keys will no longer be supported for authentication to UPS APIs
  • You will need to obtain OAuth API credentials from the new UPS Developer Portal and update your security protocols to OAuth 2.0 prior to June 3, 2024 to continue transacting with UPS APIs
  • Any legacy UPS API integrations using XML, SOAP, or legacy JSON payloads will also be required to convert to the RESTful APIs

What does this mean for you?

If your website is more than a few years old and currently connects to UPS for rates, you’ll want to contact your developer to ensure an update plan in place to migrate your service to the new model prior to the June 3, 2024 date of dissolution of the access key model.

If you’re an E-dreamz client on our ECHO by E-dreamz ecommerce platform, we’re already in the process of rebuilding our UPS connector to use the new security model.

For clients that retain us for active and ongoing design and development services, we’ll provide you with an update on this migration prior to June. For clients who do not actively contract us, we’ll notify you with options relating to the change.

As a continuous integration and continuous delivery software development organization, E-dreamz routinely builds support for changes of this type into our ECHO website platform(s). One of the major advantages of running your website in a SaaS platform like ECHO is the peace of mind that your technology partner is aware of impactful changes of this type and is acting appropriately to support the required changes.

And for our active support partners who retain E-dreamz for ongoing monthly services, you can rest assured that we will address changes of this type expediently and deploy them to your website in a manner that is minimally disruptive to your business.

For more information on the UPS Access Key to OAUTH 2.0 Migration change, click here.

For information on E-dreamz’s available retainer support packages, click here.


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