Through our Echo by E-dreamz and Remedy CMS platforms, we’ve always focused on providing a clean, simple and intuitive content management experience for our clients.

Our base content editor is powered by Imperavi’s Redactor editor. Redactor’s latest version - Redactor 4. With our latest dot-version platform update, we’ve upgraded our integrated content editor to this latest Redactor 4 version that brings with it enhanced content management tools and quality of life features for clients who want a little more control over their page layouts.

While the new editor still offers all the same standard tools for common content management selections like headings, text treatment, alignment, bulleted lists, image and file upload, etc, this upgraded version now adds an element insertion menu with table and grid layouts along with drag and drop repositioning features.

The new grid and layout options allow you to more easily arrange side by side elements within your pages and ensure they remain responsive for mobile layouts.

We’ll be rolling out this upgraded editor to all of the sites in our network in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for the new editor in your website’s admin to begin taking advantage of the enhanced content management features.


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