1. Know Your Patients

Growing the amount of patients that visit and schedule appointments is more than just putting your information out to the world. If your private practice is new, a great first step is to understand what types of people make ideal patients that will take interest in your expertise. View your local competitors by visiting their locations and social media pages. What demographic details make up their patients and/or social following?

Understanding what age range, lifestyle activity, or types of injury, for example, are key indicators that can be used in advertisements, website content, social media content, and other means to generate interest.

2. Set Time To Network With Your Local Community

Referrals from other medical providers are efficient ways to get more patients. Find out what doctors are in your local community and take the time to get to know their professional services. Get involved in local community groups and participate in meetings and events. A boost in networking will keep your name, practice, services, and location in their memories.

Keep in mind what works for one practice, may not be the best method that will work for your practice. Some medical providers may connect well with joining networking events with a medium-to-large groups, while others prefer smaller groups or one-to-one conversations. Get to know what activities are happening in your community, what schools, gyms, community centers, wellness programs, fitness centers, and other locations have activities you can participate in.

3. Make your website findable online

One of the first things an interested potential patient will do is look up your medical practice. There are two important things you want to happen when they do.

  • Your website comes up on the 1st page of Google if your practice's name, or your name, is searched. Google associates the majority of its searches to the nearest city it can identify for the user. It's important to mention that your website should present well to patients and has excellent SEO that will make it show for your brand.
  • Your medical Google profile appears in maps and in the search results. This is called a Google My Business profile. It shows the outside of your business location, links to a map for directions, provides a phone number, how to book appointments, open and closed times, and much more.

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