Since COVID struck the world, virtual health care services became widely popular for doctors and medical teams to support patients. Benefits of the virtual service includes:

  • Patients can easily talk with dentists to discover the care that's needed.
  • Dentists can reduce anxiety from patients by helping familiarize the process and the doctor before procedures.
  • Dentists are able to schedule more appointments throughout the day that can increase profits while reducing the cost of travel and time not working.
  • Patients that would visit ER's for oral care problems can simply use teledentistry services to receive care, saving the extra cost of visiting multiple medical centers.

Supporting this service through digital marketing is a growth program. Instant adoption to the service isn't overnight, but rather through communication and reminders are when patients are able to use the service regularly.

  • Using Social Media, Email, Website Content, PPC, and other available digital channels in a strategized way helps educate patients on how to use the service, what devices are needed, and other teledentistry FAQs
  • Nurture The User Experience: A poorly designed website reduces positive experiences for patients. Take extra care for pages that are used to introduce and engage patients in utilizing the teledentistry services. Where viable, create automations in email confirmations, support information, and providing important web links that nurture patients using this service for the first couple of times.
  • Present testimonials and patient reviews that have successfully used the teledentistry service and shared their opinion. These graphics support your ongoing communication and influence potential patients to trust your dentistry.

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