Just about every digital marketing agency will tell you they specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each one may be better at a certain aspect of SEO. We’re here to help guide you through knowing the essentials of SEO that will benefit your business for the short and long-term growth of your healthcare practice.

First, let’s review - why do you need an SEO agency?

Every business in your local community that could be a patient of yours should be able to find your practice when searching for your professional name and/or practice brand. Try searching yourself and see what comes up? If your company doesn’t show near the top of organic results and in the map location listings, you’re in need of local optimization (which is part of SEO).

What about appearing on the first page of selected keywords?

Let’s turn this example to the agency in consideration and see how well they optimize their own website. Every aspect that can be optimized in a white-hat manner should be done. This includes:

Page Content:

  • Image Names: Take a look at their logo and try to save it or view it. Is it named correctly using hyphens and brand related words? If you see spaces, numbers, or words that are not the name of the company, then SEO may not be their expertise.
  • Image Alt Tags: Similar to the image name, the the image alt tag should be descriptive to the purpose of the image
  • There’s a headline on every page using an H1 tag
  • Each page has a purpose, presents well, and isn’t overstuffed with keywords

These characteristics are important to getting top listings on Google and other search engines. If you're unsure what keywords are important in your geographic area, visit Google Trends to try out a few phrases in your local area to get an idea how popular and competitive keywords are. Other aspects such as content generation, creating content journeys to better the user experience, improving Call-To-Action buttons and links, mobile optimization, and page speed optimization all sync together for high performance and strategic SEO services.

How your healthcare practice communicates on its website is extremely important. The right SEO agency will have the tools and people to enhance that communication, reach your goals, and continue providing performing services over a longer period of time.


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