These days, someone who doesn't exist on web pages doesn't exist at all. People have to be on the internet to be known for their business to flourish. The same is with medical practice. You won't have enough patients for your livelihood if you don't have an online presence to bring in more patients towards you.

Your peers may go to a doctor or a specialist in the other town just because they don't know you exist. People these days search for anything first, even before they go looking for it next door. So what are some effective ways to do SEO to attract patients?

Focus on local keywords to attract your audience:

Approximately 93% of consumer web searches are local (see a survey by brightlocal), with 34% searching daily. 

Keep in mind, searches happen throughout the day for doctors and medical assistance. A strong local strategy recognizes doctors and medical facilities can leverage keywords optimized for locations and service.

Ask for and respond to reviews:

    Popular review sites are an influence in healthcare local searches. These include Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, among many others. 34% of daily searches always check for reviews, with over 85% strongly influenced by positive medical reviews. Responding to reviews shows patients and potential patients that you appreciate their time and experience. Google will rank locations higher who engage and respond to reviews.

    Grow your keyword strategy:

      Every existing campaign can use optimizations for keywords. Demand changes with the season, location trends, and taste. Campaigns should never remain the same year after year. Find keywords that are frequently used by the audience you are hoping to attract. Google Trends, message boards, question & answer sites, and social media pages are a great way to find what patients are searching for and the keywords they use.

      On-Page SEO

        Once all your content is prepared, use on-page SEO prior to publishing the content. Optimization is key for all pages public to search engines. Every asset on your page has a purpose, and with key on-page seo optimzation, it can perform for your website in remarkable ways. Medical search marketing requires a strong local seo strategy to be competitive locally. 


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