Standing out in the constant up-scrolling feeds of Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, can be a challenge. We've prepared a handful of social media marketing tips for healthcare and wellness organizations to consider that can separate your brand and the message you're communicating from the clutter.

The average person views 145 minutes of social media a day (stat via While getting views, likes, comments, and other engagements can vary depending on how many followers you have, if you're advertising or not, and the time of the day your post appears, there are standard good-practice scenarios that are key for health and wellness businesses to incorporate in their content generation strategies.

1. Create Brand-Friendly Themes

Consider what types of content you will be creating and how you can apply a specific design template to generally all posts of that particular type. For example, a doctor's office could have several types of posts, such as posts that talk about:

  • services provided
  • spotlight good reviews
  • doctor interview
  • Question & Answer (Q & A)
  • Holidays
  • Sharing lifestyle tips

Each of these types can be graphically designed similar to each other with brand colors, but can look different to each other, be visually appealing, and compliment your logo and company culture.

2. Formulate content ideas into the themes you've outlined above. As you come up with content ideas, consider visually what you can show on the graphics. Once you have 4 or 5 ideas for each theme, begin designing.

3. Caption each graphic so the text is directly to the point, yet provides details for your audience to understand and create an emotional reaction. Emotion is a strong word in social media. Creating a positive emotion is key that causes your viewers to like, love, comment, click, and follow/subscribe.


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