Cheat Sheets for Email Blasts

Cheat Sheet: 11 Free Email Blast Ideas

Often times when pitching a client EmailzDirect we get the question ‘What should I email about?’ There is always a concern that subscribed users will not want an email from their company. No matter if you’re B2C, B2B, behind the scenes, etc. If you have a customer’s email you should be sending content to them. We decided to gather a shortlist of our most common emails and dump it here for inspiration. Here are just some of the emails we create day to day for clients:

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I love UX

Tiny Giant Recap - “A One-Day Conference For People Who Do Rad Work.”

Members from the E-dreamz team recently attended the one-day Tiny Giant conference hosted at The Mint Museum Uptown.

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Lexington Responsive Website

Updated Lexington Responsive Website

Lexington Home Brands is a global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing and lifestyle marketing of upscale home furnishings. The Company’s award-winning product line of wood, upholstery and outdoor living designs encompass the industry’s most diverse range of styling, featuring recognized consumer brands like Lexington®, Tommy Bahama Home®, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living® and Sligh®.

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Midrex - Direct Reduction Ironmaking technologies

Midrex Website

For more than 40 years, Midrex has provided reliable Direct Reduction Ironmaking technologies featuring outstanding economic value. They continue to develop innovative solutions for a wide range of iron ores, energy sources, operating conditions and product applications.

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Thermaco Magento eCommerce Site

Thermaco eCommerce Site

Thermaco, Inc.® is regarded as the leading separation technology company in the highly specialized field of oil and grease extraction from wastewater. Our reputation for developing quality removal systems was established when the first line of Big Dipper products became recognized for their exceptional reliability and effectiveness under a variety of applications.

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Levine Website

Levine Museum of the New South Digital Website

Levine Museum of the New South is an interactive museum housing the nation's most comprehensive interpretation of post-Civil War Southern history.

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E-dreamz Wins TWO Hermes Creative Awards

E-dreamz wins two Hermes Creative Awards for our work in web design.

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