Google Shopping

It’s an exciting time to be an online merchant. Marketing channels abound. How can you break through the clutter and get your products in front of consumers? The answer is Google Shopping.

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Responsive Scree Sizes

August Feature: Adwords

For the month of August, we’ve decided to focus solely on one ad platform: Adwords. Learn all about the biggest ad platform on the web.

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4 user interface issues solved with Flexbox

Learn how flexbox brings simple UI solutions to commonly used design structures.

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Custom Reporting from E-dreamz

Case Study: What Does a Marketing Report from E-dreamz Look Like?

See for yourself what an actual monthly custom marketing report looks like at E-dreamz. Seriously.

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Marketing Changes

Instagram Changes: What to Know If You Are a Business on the Gram

The logo isn't the only thing about Instagram that has changed recently.

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Website Conversions

The Importance Of Call Tracking

Given the importance of phone calls, businesses and advertisers need a way to track those calls back to the ads that triggered them. This article will go in-depth about some of the tools that we use to gather this data at E-dreamz.

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Arrowlytics Website

Arrowlytics Website

Arrowlytics dashboard helps healthcare organizations by pulling data from their various platforms into one system to aggregate and analyze data with one tool.

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Computer - Images

From Old to New

You just signed the contract to your redesign - Next Steps

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Finding Revenue and Cost per Hour on AdWords

With the amount of segments, metrics, and dimensions you have in Google Analytics and AdWords, you’re able to figure out how you’re performing from many different views. One important thing to look at is your cost of AdWords vs. your revenue per hour. This gets your information super specific and you can really get a better idea of when your customers are purchasing from you.

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Admin Login for CMS

10 Tips to share after building my 3rd CMS

In my time of being a web developer, I have had my hand in developing three different content management systems (CMS). One was for a health care company I worked at out of college and two within my five years here at E-dreamz. Each time was a new and challenging experience. So here are ten helpful tips that I would like to share from what I learned along the way.

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Eastwood Homes

Eastwood Homes Case Study

Eastwood Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in Virginia and the Carolinas, needed to increase their online presence and stay on top of their potential customer’s minds in new and fresh ways beyond the standard search advertising campaigns and organic rankings.

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