Last year we noticed a trend starting to occur: Awesome third party niche tools for websites. These are generally singled function problem-solving items of software that connect directly into your website or web store. Here is a look at the top five you should be using in 2016.

  1. Optimizely - A/B testing can be amazing. A/B testing can also be extremely hard to pull off. Optimizely makes implementing tests nearly effortless with the amazing visual editor. Want to change the wording on a call to action? Easy! Just right click and edit the text. Want to test the blue-button vs green button? Easy! Just right click and edit styles.

    It also provides simple reporting to help understand what exactly happens after results have occurred within the system. User engagement, conversion increases, and multiple other metrics that can allow us to make educated decisions on test winners.
  2. Picreel - This tool allows you to easily deploy Exit Pop-Ups or regular pop-ups throughout your website. Their base templates are quite nice looking and have a simple editor attached for customization. The rule system for controlling when pop-ups occur is very straightforward and easy to comprehend.

    If you are not using pop-ups(nicely) throughout your site you are missing out. Deploy some or have us deploy some asap.
  3. JustUno - Similar to Piceel for pop-ups, but more promotional based. Easily target pages to place tabs, exit intent pop-ups, or top banner bars to alert users of promotions, new items, or whatever might be relevant to the page content. Their editor can be a bit frustrating to learn so be prepped for that. Once you get past the quirkiness it can be a very powerful and easy tool to deploy.
  4. CrazyEgg - One word: Heatmaps. Easily the most powerful 'analytics' you can use or show to non-technical peers. In a nutshell, it collects user's clicks and then generated a nice heatmap based on their clicks. The 'hotter' the color the more clicks the area is receiving.

    This can be a huge insight into how users may navigate and actually use your website. Most recently I was working with a client trying to master their filters and left navigation. Less than a day after installing CrazyEgg we quickly realized Search was getting 95% of the action. We are now very dedicated to enhancing the search experience vs. categories.
  5. Zopim Live Chat - This has been and will always be on my list of software to use. It is easily the biggest driver of leads from a lead generation website if deployed correctly. It can also help an eCommerce store get the sale over a store without an active help. E-dreamz has mastered the installation of this software. We can also provide excellent training for your internal team.

These are just a few tools we implement and deploy for our clients every day. Looking for other solutions? Be sure to reach out and let us know what you might need. We likely know the best software to use or can build something to fit your needs.

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