Defining your target audience is extremely important to gain leads, connect with customers and meet the bottom line within your business goals. If you do not have an idea of who your target audience is, we've provided some tips below on how to figure this out. Remember, being more specific is key to connecting with the customer on a personal basis so don't be afraid to define your message and brand around their wants, needs and interests. For example, if your business is within the automotive industry, you are most likely targeting males over females, ages 16 and up at a minimum and these folks may have interests similar to the automotive industry such as: racing, boating, fishing and other outdoor sports. If you are targeting something polar opposite to automotive such as selling jewelry online, you will most likely be targeting both men and women but you also may want to think about marketing around important life events such as anniversaries and engagements. So with this being said, it's imperative to think about who your audience is plus the message you are going for to target the correct audience. Below are a few tips on how to begin thinking about who your target audience may be.

1. Target similar interests:

As we mentioned previously above in our automotive example, you want to think about similar interests that your audience has so you know how to target these folks and reach beyond just automotive or the obvious interest. Some ways to do this are to think inside the mind of your customer or consumer. What other interests might they have besides say automotive or jewelry? I'm guessing if you are targeting women looking at jewelry they are also interested in clothing, fashion, music and pop culture. However, these are just assumptions based on what the average female likes so it's key to make sure you are on track depending on your specific niche.

2. Think about the age of consumers:

Age of your average consumer is an extremely important factor to consider when creating your brand and message. For example, if you are targeting the millennial generation, you could go with a more progressive or experimental message and brand strategy. Don't forget that age will also have an impact on the UI and design of your website and marketing strategy as a whole. When targeting an older crowd or senior citizens, you may want to simplify your user interface and create a message that appeals more to their ideals and goals when shopping online. Also be sure to consider the ages of the people in your photographs, ads and videos so your consumers feel they relate to your products, brand and messaging.

3. Target the right geographic location:

It's key to make sure you consider the geographic location of most of your consumers. Sure, you want to get outside of the geographic location to target as many people as possible but you need to start somewhere. One great example would be if you are selling camping and outdoor gear you may want to target cities and rural areas around national parks or outdoorsy areas where these activities occur frequently at. You can use different photographs of these areas or target your messaging based around the values and beliefs of those in these areas. I'm guessing if you are targeting those interested in the outdoors, they are likely interested in sustainability and environmental issues within the areas they live in. This is also a great place to begin with messaging that goes just beyond the typical "buy my product, it is the best" which gets old an is uninteresting.

On a personal note, as a Charlotte digital agency, we try to target those who are interested in a more urban lifestyle which is common in any big city but especially Charlotte. Charlotte is full of great music, , breweries & restaurants, and sports which are all subject matters we try to target in our own digital marketing plan. Finding out how else to appeal to your customers beyond your own product brand is key to making sure your digital marketing strategies are on track.

4. Gender can play a role too:

Gender can play a great role in your marketing strategy depending on the service or product you offer. For example, when targeting a jewelry brand like mentioned above, you'll want to use more photographs of women then men. You'll want to use more female targeted design elements such as bright colors and fun fonts that will appeal to women of all ages along with a marketing strategy that targets women and their interests across the board. On the contrary, you will also need to consider the men that may be shopping for these women so it's key to also have special targeted ads for men shopping for women.

5. Perform a regular SWOT analysis:

Conducting a periodical SWOT analysis on your brand and business strategy will help you find out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. So how exactly does this relate to finding your target audience? It absolutely impacts who you are targeting and how to move forward with your message and brand to these folks. You do not want to continue using a message that is outdated, weak or not relevant to those you are targeting. If you find that something within your SWOT analysis is not working or not attracting folks, it is time to make some major changes in your marketing strategy. If business is going well and you are meeting your goals, let's see how we can improve on those strengths and expand your business outside of your usual target audience to gain more followers and customers all while keeping your target audience engaged.

Other tips on targeting an audience and attracting leads:

  • Provide testimonials for products and services
  • Connect through social media
  • Take advantage of marketing automation which allows you to target specific groups within an email database
  • Think about the problems users and your audience are having with potential products to provide solutions
  • Analyze and outshine your competition in your marketing and branding efforts
  • Provide contact information, support and live chat so users can get any extra information needed
  • Ask users questions for areas of improvement through surveying tools

For more info on defining your target audience and eCommerce Marketing Strategies that drive conversions and online business growth, contact our multi-award winning eCommerce agency to get started today.

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