Remember those annoying banner ads that you used to see all the time that seemed to be a huge annoyance? I sure do, but lucky for us consumers (and marketers) those are no longer the ads that we see. The ads that we are now seeing are much more targeted and specific to what we want, have looked at, and are interested in. I will walk you through some of the aspects of the Google Display Network and how to use it effectively.

Before going into running these campaigns efficiently, you need to know that there are different types of display ads that you can run on the Google Display Network: display and remarketing.


Display ads are set up based on specific keywords and interests. Once you set up the campaign, you will be asked to identify keywords that you want to focus on. What Google then does, is matches those keywords with websites in their display network that are relevant to those keywords and interests. For example, a keyword such as “custom exhaust” will then trigger your image ad to show up on a website related to cars. In the same way, a keyword such as “custom sectional” will trigger the ad to show up on a website related to interior design.


Benefits of a display campaign are large targeted audiences, low costs per click, and massive impression share. Because of these benefits, you can drive quality traffic to your site for a low cost while building huge brand recognition.


Remarketing ads are essentially the same ads as general display ads, however they target people way more specifically. Remarketing ads are served to people who have visited your website in the past. We can show ads relating to specific products and pages, the homepage and all visitors, or even a combination of the two.


The benefits to a remarketing campaign are that you can reengage with someone who has shown some sort of intent and interest with your brand, low costs per click, and also a massive impression share. There is no billboard or ad that will generate the amount of branding for the price as a remarketing ad, making it one of the most effective digital marketing tools available.

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