Understanding analytics is critical to a digital marketing strategy. With the number of segments, metrics, and dimensions you have, you’re able to figure out how you’re performing from many different views. One important thing to look at is the cost of AdWords vs. your revenue per hour. This gets your information super specific and you can really get a better idea of when your customers are purchasing from you.

If you’re like me (pretty new at all the Analytics and AdWords programs), you might be googling how to figure out revenue and cost per hour. You might have even spent a few hours trying to figure it out coming up with absolutely nothing. That’s where I come in to save you!

Finding Cost Per Hour

  1. Log into your AdWords account and make sure you’re in the Campaign Management portion.
  2. In the tabs at the top click dimensions. Underneath those tabs, you should see View. Click view > time > hour of day. See the above picture for help.
  3. You’re in the right spot when it looks like the picture below. You can see clicks, impressions, CTR, Avg CPC, cost and more per hour. Cool right?Finding Cost Per Hour

Finding Revenue Per Hour

  1. First, log into your Analytics account.
  2. Next to reporting, click customization in order to start a custom report.
  3. Select revenue as the metric group and hour/day of the week as the dimension. It should look like the one below. Click save and there you have it.
Finding Revenue Per Hour

You can export both of these reports as .CSV and copy the information you want into another excel sheet. Hooray for easy!

Export both reports in Excel

Then you can take this information and make a pretty awesome chart like the one above. Now you can analyze and see when you’re customers are buying. If you have a certain segment of hours where people are clicking through, but no one is converting, you might want to turn those hours off within AdWords in order to spend the least amount of money and gain the highest amount of revenue. Who doesn’t want more money?!

Need more marketing help? Get in touch with us today. Happy reporting!

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