Web trends - and the technologies that power them - evolve and change quickly. That's as true in the realm of eCommerce frameworks as it is in any technology sphere. Going into 2016, Magento was dominating eCommerce market share. Because of its dominance, we at E-dreamz spent a lot of time touting our Echo+ eCommerce software and explaining why our platform was a better alternative to power an eCommerce website than Magento.

Throughout the year, our "we're better than Magento" pitch became a lot easier to sell. Magento was hammered by devastating security exploits, a clumsy launch of Magento 2.0, and skyrocketing hosting and development costs. Magento saw it's market share plummet from heavy abandonment to other eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce.

Going into 2017, Magento is now no longer a realistic consideration to many businesses that are looking to renew their eCommerce websites. The conversation is no longer "why" you should choose something other than Magento, it's now "how" you can get out of Magento.

The answer in many cases, unfortunately, is "not easily"... Or at least, not cheaply.

Magento is a beast of a system. If you feel so inclined, take a glance at this database schema from version 1.7. For an eCommerce website with any substantial volume of products and data, the notion of migrating from Magento to any other system is daunting. You may find in some instances that your cost to migrate data will match or exceed the entire new eCommerce website build.

In the past few months, we've built and launched several former Magento websites using our Echo+ eCommerce service. For most of those, we did all the data mining, exporting and importing all products from the Magento stores into our system. Our Echo+ "data pump" was brilliantly engineered to facilitate exactly this kind of mass-influx of huge amounts of product data using simple to format comma-delimited sheets.

Our eCommerce web developers (much to their chagrin) have put in the exhausting hours to fully scour and learn Magento's schema. We can find all of your product info, categories, grouping pricing, etc, and port it into Echo+ nearly seamlessly.

Don't get us wrong, migrating from Magento is still a ton of work throughout all phases of the new eCommerce website project. But we can do a lot of the heavy lifting to make the task less arduous for you and your business.

Don't let yourself feel trapped by a cumbersome, costly, and not-secure website anymore. There are options available, and E-dreamz has the talent and disposition to make the transition to a better eCommerce solution as painless as possible.

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