In this article, I will outline some ideas and tips to drive online says and get your piece of the pie this holiday season.

1. Appeal to the Masses

In 2016, we have seen political correctness at an all-time high. What this means for retailers is that often times, it is no longer acceptable to run “Christmas Sales” but instead those retailers need to run “Holiday Sales” or “Holiday Promotions.” One thing you don’t want to do when asking for someone to support you financially is to offend them.

2. Run Worthwhile Promotions

There are a few reasons spending goes up during the holidays: consumerism, the want for gifts, and the fact that promotions are usually worth the time and effort needed to put in for those items. A very limited number of people will buy from you online at 10% off when your competitor is selling the same item at 20% off. It’s too easy to price shop online these days and you don’t want to be the one losing that sale.

3. Create Free Shipping Offers

To touch on the price shopping issue again, so many retailers are offering free shipping that you don’t want to be the store asking people for what they view as wasted money. According to some surveys, more than 50% of all online transactions include free shipping. You can include free shipping on all orders or include a minimum purchase for free shipping.

4. Run Offers on Lesser-Known Shopping Days

eBay once used the term “Green Monday” to describe their best day of sales in December. The term was picked up by the rest of the industry to drive online says. This year, Green Monday is December 12. Another lesser known shopping day is “Free Shipping Day,” which large and small retailers offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.  Take Note! This year’s date is Friday, December 16.

5. Don’t Only Run Campaigns That You Are Used To

When looking to drive online sales around large promotions, you need to hit the ground running and gain as much exposure as possible. More exposure means more momentum and when offering a discount, momentum is key. If you are only running Adwords right now, mix in social media ads and advertise on websites highlighting discounts in order to gain as many impressions as possible.

6. Target More Than Just Your Demographic

Remember that gifting is the name of the game during the holiday season. This means that instead of marketing to 40 to 45 year-old women, you need to market to the people buying gifts for them. Target 40-45 year old men, target the 60 to 75 year-old parents of those women and target the 18 year old kids of those women. That being said, do not discontinue the campaigns targeting your demographic. People are constantly dropping hints at what they want and you do not want your products tonot be the hints.

Follow the above ideas and tips and set yourself up for success. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions about how you can improve your internet marketing to escalate sales. Happy Holidays.

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