As both marketers and consumers, we hear the term SEO tossed around pretty loosely in the digital world. We get it. Search Engine Optimization is a necessary and vital component of any company’s marketing strategy. But it’s common to run through the fundamentals of SEO and forget to maintain and revitalize your strategy as the market evolves. At E-dreamz, we are constantly tweaking our SEO strategies to stay updated with the ever-changing search engines, the latest trends in tech, and also keeping our clients' goals in focus. Whether you’re an SEO professional or business owner learning the ropes, here are four tips to stay on top of SEO & outrank category competitors:

1. Keyword Research: build a current and solid list
Words are a powerful thing. There is an art to writing content with keyword-rich terms throughout. What we suggest at E-dreamz, is to first understand how your keyword search fits in with your current SEO strategy. The main goal here is to drive conversions and gain real, long-term customers:

  • Be mindful of stuffing keywords into your content solely to attract search engines. Remember, we want to attract prospective customers to read your content.
  • Pro Tip: make sure your content includes the essential information your customers need to understand your business and what you are offering. 
  • Run a Google search on terms relating to your business. Scroll to the bottom of your search results and see what related terms come up. These are a good indicator of other terms your customers are searching for.
  • Create a list of top-ranking keywords and compare them. Refine your list using Google Trends.
  • As you’re writing your next blog article or page content, incorporate these keywords organically and keep your ideas concise. The terms should flow with your storyline. The key here is to keep your readers interested in the entirety of the article.

2. Be Human: authenticity
Adding a human element to SEO is often forgotten. We want to build trust with customers. Trust = traffic = potential conversions. Being “real” in your content will change website visitors into paying customers.

  • Write about topics that revolve around your product, service and overall mission. As you start building out your web pages (about me, services, blog, etc.), develop a consistent voice that is true to your company’s ethics and values.

3. Data is your best friend: measure results
Ask yourself:

  • Are you tracking how well your pages are performing? There are several tools including, Google Analytics, SEMRush, Moz that provide data on traffic, conversations, keyword ranking, bounce rate, and a whole lot more.
  • How often are you pulling reports to track conversions? There’s no need to obsessively check every day, however keeping up with your data weekly or biweekly is key. Are your current strategies for producing sales?

4. Understand Your Audience: Analytics
In this case, knowledge really is power. Google Analytics offers a variety of tools to fully understand the type of people coming to your site. If you’re not familiar or if it seems overwhelming, Google offers free tutorials showing you the basics of the platform and how you can use it to benefit your business.

  • Are you in tune with what your (or your client’s) needs and goals are? Try to discover what questions they are asking. The comments section on your site, online forums, and social media are among some of the top places your customers will ask questions.
  • Build your content around the needs and inquiries of your customers. Your content should have a goal in mind: to address the need of the customer and ultimately provide them an answer (through your service/product).
  • What are your competitors talking about? What kind of questions and comments are people leaving on their websites? Don’t be afraid to bookmark your top site competitors and keep up with them daily. You may be able to answer a question that your competition cannot, and thus your snagging some potential customers.

Are you struggling to see results with your SEO strategy? There’s a chance you may be targeting the wrong audience or perhaps using methods that do not align with your business needs. At E-dreamz, we are a Charlotte SEO company that wants to get to know your business and what your long term plan is so that we can design an effective SEO campaign that works specifically to meet your business goals. Become a client and contact us today for a free consultation.

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