Before you sign-up with an online service, you should consider some the following challenges and pitfalls:

  • They do require work to set-up; someone will need to create graphics, upload images, change storefront settings, implement payment gateways & import products. The amount of work here is often underestimated
  • Custom interface design is not always possible; sometimes limited to static display templates and can be hard to make your storefront ‘stand-out’
  • Hosted eCommerce platforms can have limited flexibility; things are often locked-down and you cannot manipulate the underlying codebase
  • Limited ability to add new features and functions
  • You will not own the website and will pay perpetual fees or commissions to lease the offering; could be more expensive in the long run
  • There is a chance that the hosted solution will cease operations or drastically change their policies, (i.e. Magento Go)
  • Lack of control of the server environment and the ability to address performance issues; hosted solutions are usually running 100s of sites on a server
  • Hosted platforms can be a little more challenging to market; limited ability to manage technical SEO, multivariate testing and perform subtle changes that can create a lift in sales
  • May have limitations if integration is required in the future (i.e. inventory, fulfillment, ERP, CRM, QuickBooks)
  • Limited ability to easily extend functionality; for instance adding multi-channel sales, inventory feeds or features like automated abandoned cart emails can prove difficult

E-dreamz develops custom eCommerce solutions that meet your specific needs. Forget paying perpetual licensing fees and sales commissions. With an E-dreamz solution, you own your eCommerce website and therefore have the flexibility to modify and customize your solution to meet ongoing and future business demands.

Visit the E-dreamz eCommerce portfolio for some live examples. If you would like additional information on how a custom solution can go to work for you, contact us today.

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