Google is constantly changing web development and digital marketing standards, and keeping up with those updates can be an undertaking. If your site isn’t up to par it can suffer in many ways - from losing rankings to losing customers. Having a strong development/marketing team to review this for you is key. Some of the top items that should be reviewed are as follows.

1) Do you have any duplicate Meta Descriptions or Titles throughout the site?

Having good keyword SEO for each page on your site is a big factor in keeping your rankings up. Google reviews this first for key phrases and rankings. Being stronger and more diligent about having accurate SEO on your site per page is incredibly important.

2) Updating Sitemaps on a frequent basis.

Are you constantly updating your site, or did you just add new redirects? It’s now time to update the sitemap and resubmit to Google. Google ensures that your sitemap matches your site. If it doesn’t, errors will show and slow down the crawl on your site. Neither are good things. Some sites update so frequently they resubmit new sitemaps on an almost daily basis. Keep in mind this is something you want to discuss with your development/marketing team. Based on how often you update your site, you will want to set a schedule for how often you want to update your sitemap. If you never update your site and you’re always updating your sitemap, this also creates a negative impact on your site because there isn’t anything new to show in Google.

3) Are there any broken links throughout the site?

You need to always ensure every link on your site works. You never want customers/clients to run upon a 404 page by clicking a link. In a health audit, we are ensuring every link works and is it linking accurately throughout the site.

4) How fast is your site?

The most accurate way to see the speed of your site is how fast it is loading in seconds. It needs to be under a specific count or your customers will leave. 

5) User Experience - Is your site easy to understand?

Is it hard to navigate throughout the site? Are customers finding everything you want them to? A health audit reviews the site to ensure a customer stays on the site and that they are also finding what you or they want. Making the easiest user experience while keeping a client’s attention is valuable.

6) Is your site set-up to be responsive?

Mobile/Tablet experiences are becoming bigger than desktop views. You need to ensure your site matches those platforms. Does it look just as sleek on mobile? If the answer is no, it’s time to talk to the development team. In a health audit, ensuring your website looks good in all screen sizes is part of the process. In an audit, we test each page and ask ourselves if every component is lining up correctly while still making it a good user experience for customers.

For more information on site health audits and eCommerce Marketing Strategies that drive conversions and online business growth contact us, we are a premier internet marketing Charlotte based company ready to lock arms and partner with you to increase awareness, grow revenue and dominate your niche.

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