Everyone knows the old adage "a picture’s worth a thousand words", but that may ring even truer when it comes to the images on your website. In the era of smartphones, tablets, and my personal favorite “phablets”, images are often the calling card for what is deemed to be a “good website.” A good website, though based on content, cannot ignore how strong of a role images play in SEO and enhancing the user experience.

Blogs, like magazine articles, rely heavily on the imagery to make a good first impression. The better quality the pictures are, the more inclined someone will stop and read your blog; separating your work in a sea of other niche blogs with the same content and expertise to offer.

Images should enhance and help tell the story, and though images cannot be crawled, with the appropriate title and description the metadata, which is attached to every uploaded image, can be read. In addition to the good, relevant photos optimized photos that load easily also benefit SEO as they keep people on the page longer proving the site has valuable content. In addition, the image will rank highly for image searches attracting more traffic.

Quality images also encourage social media shares. A good photo will increase the likelihood that your post will be liked and shared. Many social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Snap Chat almost solely rely on images, so quality is king! Though the power of images is not relocated strictly to those outlets Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are now showing priority to posts that are teamed with high-quality pictures. Brands that understand the importance of use that leverage to get noticed by consumers. To encourage interaction, you must know who your target audience is, and appeal to what they like. Included with an image and a strong call to action, giving advice or encouraging them to take an action in some way with often lead to a highly shareable post. 

Although having professional images is ideal, don't let that limit your ability to add great pictures to your website or emails. Great pictures can be taken with home cameras or even phones - just make sure you get quality lighting and ensure the subject is clear. Time to start snapping pictures!

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