Staying up to date on the latest communication tools and tactics for your business can be a never-ending task. Upgrading your communication efforts for your company and audience is imperative to growing that customer base and ultimately your business. Simply sending an email or posting about your seasonal specials online may no longer help expand and reach new audiences.

Here are some heavy-hitting tactics that we recommend:

Live Chat - Live chat acts as an instant medium of communication between you and the user. Whether it’s being used to ask a question, request a quote, or troubleshoot a product live chat serves as a viable option for most websites. If your company is focused on lead generation this can be a great tool to obtain those leads and help qualify others. It can also be a valuable tool for existing inbound sales teams.

Social Contests - Online Contests are a great way to keep current customers engaged with your company and to draw new potential customers in. We launch multiple client contests almost every month that have garnered mass amounts of email subscribers, Facebook likes, twitter followers, shared posts, tweets, and even customer submitted photos.

Content Creation - Posting new and original content to your website and social profile that people will read use, and link to will help promote your business and encourage users to interact more with your company online. Too often we see content being posted once the website and social profiles are created and then left to dry. This strategy or lack thereof is leaving a lot of low-hanging fruit. Coming up with some fresh content can attract and capitalize on your target audience.

For more information on these tactics and tools feel free to read more on our Blog or Contact Us.

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