Members from the E-dreamz team recently attended the one-day Tiny Giant conference hosted at The Mint Museum Uptown.
Tiny Giant has put together an impressive list of speakers who work directly on user experience or whom UX and design has a major impact on some aspect of their job or business.

From the Tiny Giant site, “GIANT is an event for people who do rad work. We’ll talk about rad work at a technical level, and we’ll talk about rad work in abstract levels. We’ll talk about doing rad work over drinks and music and just a generally good time. “

Aaron Quinn from eHouse Studio had a great presentation focused on on-site navigation issues. The main takeaway from Aaron was ‘road signs vs. billboards.’ He used this analogy to explain that often your site’s user simply wants the simplified ‘road sign’ to get to the most popular categories. This is obviously a different strategy than putting ‘billboards’ on your site. The billboards are important as well, just in a different aspect. These billboards could be your site’s hero graphics, CTAs, etc. that are promoting a new product category for example.

Not all speakers were as technically focused. I wish I had 10% of the energy Jaimee Newberry possesses! Jaimee has spent 17 years working in various facets of design and UX, but instead of focusing on design principles her speech was more motivational. She essentially discussed a timeline of her entire career and the milestones and losses in her life that motivated her. A simple life lesson here. Do what you love!

Lastly, in my opinion, the most entertaining and definitely most humorous of the day was Carolyn Sewell. Carolyn worked at many different agencies, but never really found her niche until a pet project, Postcards To My Parents caught on fire. Starting with one of her parent’s wedding anniversaries’ she decided she would hand draw a postcard and send it to them...for 365 days! Since the project started, Carolyn’s work has been featured in countless publications and she now spends her days freelancing. Her favorite color is glitter by the way!

Tiny Giant was a great conference and we are looking forward to next year.

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