Are you looking for a new PHP framework to learn, or to move your website development efforts to? If so, you would do yourself a favor by checking out Laravel. We at E-dreamz are huge supporters and integrators of applications built on the Laravel framework. So why should you check it out?

Thriving and Helpful Community
My first experience with Laravel was interesting, to say the least. Given certain timelines and rollout schedules I made the decision to jump into the web development of a huge project while Laravel 5 was in beta, and heavy development. Due to these things were changing rapidly. I joined the Laravel Slack channel and the forums on to help me keep up to date with the rapid changes. The community I came across while doing this was amazing. People were extremely helpful in answering questions when I ran into roadblocks. I also learned many new things just following the other discussions that I incorporated into my own code. The Laravel community as a whole is very approachable and helpful.

It Does A lot For You
Most people use a framework to help them speed up website development efforts. Laravel hits a home run in this category. It does a great job of handling a lot of the grunt work you can easily get bogged down on in a project. Need authentication? It’s built-in. Need caching? It’s built-in and offers a variety of places to store your cache. Want a great ORM to use for database work? It’s built-in as well. Laravel also offers database migrations for handling your table structures. This has proven extremely beneficial for us, as it allows easy ways to make changes in all three of our hosting environments. These are just touching the surface of what Laravel provides.

Security is of major importance for us at E-dreamz. One of the main reasons we use the Laravel framework is security. Out of the box, it does a lot of the basics for you. It protects against SQL Injection using the built-in Eloquent ORM, employs cross-site request forgery tokens, and offers ways via it’s templating engine to assist in preventing cross-site scripting. Any security issues that are found are addressed quickly.

Growing Feature List
Laravel does a ton for you out of the box. On top of all that, goodies are constantly being added with every release. Just browse the release notes. You can get a small taste of what is added with each release.

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