In just two shorts weeks’ ghouls, ghosts, and goblins will be out asking for candy. Personally to me, this is a sign that the holidays are here. Time for fun, family, celebrations, cooler weather and all those things we love about this time of the year. This also means it is time to ensure your digital marketing strategies are being created, extra inventory being ordered, spend being pumped up, and everything that comes with the holiday season rush.

These next two months have the largest growth potential for every single business out there. If you are on the consumer side end users are going to be ‘wallet open’ searching for gifts and deals. If you sell to businesses end of the year budgets are just waiting to be spent before they reset.

If your graphs don’t look like the top of the roller coaster hill in November / December... you are doing it wrong. To me this is the season of record-breaking: Top traffic days, the highest number of orders on a day, most servers melted, most email sent, etc. Make the shipping department question if there is enough paper to print the packing slips for the day. Clear the shelves clean of all the extra inventory you purchased in advance for the rush. Make the server sweat with the rush of traffic hitting every product page. Get an email saying “Shut it down – we’ve sold too much” from the owner/client. Hopefully one or all of those happen with our current marketing clients.

So how can you make this happen? Well, each business is very different and requires a custom strategy based on who your client is, what you sell, or what you provide. If you are a current client your marketing contact will or is working up some plans already. Not an existing client? Jump in and sign up today to be sure you are prepared for Holiday 2016!

Over the next two weeks, we will be releasing some of our inside details on some strategy, guidelines, and even a checklist. Stay tuned!

Record-breaking days… here we come!

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