Live chat has been around for many years and is used all across the web. Most commonly you find it being used in consumer-type websites for customer support purposes. That is a great use case, but what about in a B2B situation? With the right optimizations and best practices, we have seen live chat take over the lead flow of our client’s websites. In a B2B situation, you cannot just install live chat and hope the potential customer will chat with you.

Here are five best practices that will supercharge the engagement rate:

1. Big Floating Visuals – Don’t bury that live chat button at the top or bottom of your site. Have a large, colorful, stand outbox that floats as the user scrolls.

2. Great Copy / CTAs – Instead of putting ‘Chat Now – Agents Online’ use something that the potential lead might connect with. For example, if you sold Red Widgets use copy like “Red Widget Experts: Online and ready to answer any questions.” This will give the potential lead an increase chance of clicking the box to chat.

3. Proactive Outreach – Setup rules so that after XX seconds or X page views the chat automatically reaches out to the customer. Our software expands the window and shows “ is typing…” and just a second later there is a sentence written out asking the customer a specific question. This happens automatically but makes the customer think someone is on the other side of the website actually reaching out. The engagement rate using this method is just insane.

4. Custom Outreach – This is similar to #3, but is more on a custom level. Have popular pages where users bounce? Create proactive outreaches that ask questions about those specific pages. For example, if you had a selfie stick for sale you could proactively pop up a question asking ‘I see you are looking at our selfie stick. I’m a huge fan of this product – can I answer any questions you might have?”

5. Use Canned Messages – As your engagement grows you’ll start to realize the agents are typing the same messages over and over. Start saving those messages and put them into canned responses inside your chat software. Often times agents can start typing a few words and it will finish out the entire sentence.

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