May 04, 2016

Let's Talk About Email All Month

Three years ago our internet marketing team started noticing a trend. Email usage across our most progressive clients was on the rise. Revenue and reporting numbers followed suit as we started increasing email sends across the board. Subscriptions graphs went from gentle slopes to growing mountains. Outside of our clients we saw big brands starting to really embrace email blasts.

At the same time end user’s opinions of email was changing. I still can remember the days of “never enter your email because they’ll spam you.” Savvy users started to realize brands would send coupons, new products, and relevant updates to their inbox. Fast forward today and signing up for company’s emails might be a first objectives when I find a website or brand I might be interested in. MarketingLand reported that 77 percent of users want to get marketing messages via email.

Noticing this trend, we decided to go all in: Let’s build out a custom email system that makes sense for us and our clients. EmailzDirect was born and released to the world in June 2013. Since then we have delivered:

94,000,000+ unique emails

10,000+ email campaigns

1,000,000 + unique email subscribers

100s of drip emails created

As you can tell by the numbers email has become a pivotal offering here at E-dreamz. It has also become a core revenue stream for clients who have taken advantage of it. It’s low cost and high value return make it some of the best marketing any company could ever do. The even better part? You own it! No algorithm update, overspending competitor, or anything other thing that goes ‘wrong’ in internet marketing can happen.

With this success we’ve decided to dedicate the entire month of May to email. We want to see every client from ecommerce, consumer, and even all the way to B2B to take advantage of this offering. Expect to see multiple posts from subject like how many emails you should send a month, how to get email subscribers, drip campaign ideas, etc.

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