August 13, 2014

I’m Google Certified - Top 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far

The Search Marketing Industry is Ever-changing

From the changes in algorithms to the updates and policy changes in AdWords, the industry of search marketing has continuously changed since I’ve been in it. It constantly keeps you on your feet in learning what the best strategy is for your client. I have previous experience in SEO which seemed to be a toss-up at some times on whether or not the google gods would honor your struggle to fight through the rankings. Fortunately paid search has not been so difficult to pin down, but nevertheless is still complex and dynamic in its own way. I’ve learned that the best solution is to stay caught up with the latest updates, news, tactics, tools, and to embrace change instead of fighting it.

Versatility is Key

In the spirit of my last point, the ability to be a versatile marketer is an advantage. I’ve learned that there will not be one correct way to market everything. AdWords may be the most successful medium for most businesses, but some will yield more success from Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, some display ads, and some search ads. There is also a wide array of tools at our disposal to complete tasks and optimize results in the most efficient way possible. The solution is not universal and for some businesses, it may take a mixture to yield those desired results. So the lesson has been to be versatile, reach the customers from all angles and avenues to find what works best.

Ask Questions

One important thing that I have learned to do is ASK QUESTIONS. As I took my initial dive into paid search I found that there were lots of things that I could neither find on the internet nor just figure out myself in a timely manner. The most efficient solution included simply asking whether it be for help, advice, or just validation on the quality of my performance. Ultimately, it is better to do an exceptional job for your client and reduce the amount of risk taken rather than being prideful and costing your client money in the process. While practice may make perfect, I’d rather get it right the first time around.

What Sounds Good in Theory, May Not Be in Practice

There has been plenty of times that my choices in campaign settings or strategies in keyword/ad build-outs seemed to be winners for sure, but didn’t technically turn out that way. That is why it is increasingly important to avoid neglecting a campaign after its initial set-up. While you may have not made any errors in theory they can definitely play out in practice and turn good ideas into bad results in a blink of an eye. So while taking some calculated risks may yield success, I’ve learned to also keep a close watch on changes made to reduce the repercussions of those risks taken. That is what leads me to my final point.

Test. Test. Test.

This is one step that I cannot do enough of. Testing ad-copy, keywords, and settings can take your campaign results to the next level. In some cases, ads that I was unsure of would end up claiming the number one spot in the ad group. Even experts in the field practice this step to ensure they are putting out only the best of the best in terms of high performing ads.