1. Though E-dreamz is a Charlotte-based business, most of our employees have drifted outward from the Queen City in recent years. You’re one of our few remaining stalwarts who still lives the urban life. How are things in the old neighborhood?

SS: It's good and I’ve been told by my husband to give suburbia life a chance. I cried when I was no longer walking distance. Soooo I don’t think it's going to happen (to live in suburbia. I grew up in it and have NO desire to go back). Lots of new restaurants, breweries, small stores, and more. Thankfully the community has been doing its best to keep these small businesses in business during the pandemic. Also I hate driving anywhere. If someone suggests to me more than 10 minutes I have to think about it.

2. You’re approaching old-timer status with E-dreamz. And in classic fashion, your role here has evolved from project manager to client services to marketing support to SEO expert to the “a little bit of everything” that you do now. What are some of your key takeaways from surviving change at an agency?

SS: Don’t oppose change and be a team player. Some days I’m not happy doing audits that seem to never end but at the end of the day we all do things we didn’t expect.

3. Having developed your SEO mastery, what do you see as the “next big thing” in terms of optimizing organic growth and ranking?

SS: That’s a loaded question. Honestly, somedays I wish I didn’t have to do as much research as I do, but it's just based on trends and what Google decides to do. I wish I had a say in it but I don’t. Instead I get to check forums to see how Google will surprise us and how we can change it. Then find out if that change will actually stick. SEO is a lot of tracking and more tracking. It’s ever changing. You can’t expect to have the same SEO on your website as you did even 6 months ago. If you do…. CALL SOMEONE.

4. You enjoy spending your free doing something I can’t fathom… dangling from ribbons in the air. What is it about aerialism (is that even the right term?) that you enjoy so much?

SS: Well I actually practice hoop vs “ribbons” aka silks. It’s a good stress reliever to be honest and the community is incredibly supportive. I went in to try something new... (Okay, I bought a Groupon drunk...) I ended up finding incredible people who I see daily because when I invest time… I invest time. They have introduced me to cool restaurants, events and fire breathing (I don’t personally do it but watch from a distance).

5. How’s home life? Chris and the pups all doing well these days?

SS: Good, but hectic per usual. I live with a yogi who also works as a rep for brand promotion. He’s always on the go. Our schedules are almost opposite but what are you going to do. Oh and my dogs…. I have 3 of my own. 1 is entering the “teenage phase” the other is leaving. My house consists of 2 dogs wrestling constantly. Then my 3rd does her own thing. She cares little about my or anyone else's opinion. If anyone has meetings with me she knows how to bark during them and being quiet the rest of the day. I call it her “special talent”. The dog who’s finally leaving puppydom/teenage phase has been sent to urgent care twice for serious ailments. They definitely keep life interesting.

Bonus: If your life were a long-running reality show, what would your favorite episode have been? Least favorite?

Editor's Note: Sarah elected not to answer this question, so we must answer it for her. I'm imagining a zany, sitcom-esque "like balancing spinning plates" day of her life where she starts off her morning routine buying a random scratch-off lottery ticket that wins her a significant sum, but then her husband gets arrested for protesting at a political rally and she has to empty her account to bail him out of jail, negating her lottery winnings, but before heading to the jailhouse to get him she has to stop and get her dogs from the groomers... as she pulls into the groomer parking lot she gets into a fender-bender with her Mazda and her purse spills out in the floorboard, mixing up the lotto ticket with some stray dog treats... she shoves it all back into her bag in a hurry to get inside and get her pups, but then the ticket falls to the ground and is immediately eaten by a misbehaving dog whose owner wasn't managing its leash... so she gets into a shouting match with the dog's hoity-toity owner who calls the police on her and she ends up getting a free ride from the cops to the station to bail out her husband. The fade-to-credit "zinger" would be her driving her clunking and vibrating mazda, dogs bouncing around in the back seat, and telling the story of the day to her husband. He asks her at the end, "So, you lost the lotto ticket...?" Sarah then triumphantly holds up a mangled ticket, half-shredded and covered in dog drool and says, "Oh no... I GOT THE TICKET."

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