We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare. It’s a valuable lesson that can be applied to various situations, but what does it have to do with SEO? Well, after setting up some SEO fundamentals such as filling in Meta tags, adding keyword rich content, setting up Webmaster tools to gain further insight, and a variety of other best practices, clients may ask - “How come my site doesn’t show at the top of Google search results?”.

The very idea of marketing means that you want to allocate a budget to target potential customers and you anticipate a return on your investment. You spend advertising dollars, and expect to see your company’s name somewhere luring in customers as the revenue dollars roll in. So, when you put effort into creating content and running through the SEO checklist and don’t see an immediate result, it’s easy to understand why it can be frustrating to a business owner.

But consider this - if it were that easy to get to the top of search results, wouldn’t everyone just focus on SEO.

Page rank is something that is earned through a consistent output of quality content (among many other things) where you gain an authoritative voice within your industry. While SEO is not free when you consider the opportunity cost of those efforts, or the expense of paying an agency to do the legwork for you, it is a low cost marketing “campaign” that will generate results - but you need to give it time.

There are literally hundreds of factors that play a part in where your site ranks based on a search query, but content, usability, and shareability of your site will play a large role. Things you do today will not be evident for months down the road.

So, it’s best to remember that SEO is a marathon (a marathon that doesn’t end), not a sprint. We all want to rush to beat the competition, but if you want to gain an immediate presence in search results, then consider doing pay-per-click, otherwise pace yourself, and you’ll eventually catch up.

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