May 13, 2016

How Many Emails Should I Be Sending?

When pitching email campaigns to clients, they always have the same question: how many emails should I send? The answer, is always the same; as many as you can.

Consumers, whether it be of content or products, typically consume what they are interested in. For example, I am interested in vintage watches so I subscribe to newsletters about vintage watches, timepieces for sale, and about the watch industry in general. Due to the fact that people sign up for newsletters based on their interests, gives them little to no reason to ever unsubscribe from your list as long as your content is quality. Finding quality content for emails to send on a weekly, twice weekly, or even daily basis should not be difficult as new products are always emerging, tips and trends can always be shared, and industry news is always happening.

Take a look at the screenshot of my personal inbox below. All of the emails you will see are from Hodinkee, which is arguably the most popular online watch publication. I receive in an email from them on a daily basis; they even named their newsletter Hodinkee Daily. Doing something like this can really force you to stay up to date on your content and get your messages across to your customers, prospects, and fans. Keep in mind that Hodinkee is an online publication so producing content is their main focus and it’s easy for them to write a daily email. They talk about their newest articles, new items to their online store, as well as upcoming events and auctions taking place.

Hodinkee Daily

You’ll notice that Hodinkee does a great job getting these emails to my inbox at the same time on a daily basis. While some have been deleted, I have yet to unsubscribe because the quality of their content is top notch.

I know what you’re thinking. They are a publication so it’s easy for them to create the content. True, but now I’d like to talk about a vintage watch dealer, Crown and Caliber, who also does an excellent job with email.

Crown and Caliber also does a great job of providing me with content on a daily basis (sometimes twice a day) and they are all always offering up new products or talking about different collections they are offering. Now I’m obviously not buying a high end vintage watch on a daily basis, just as most people aren’t, but as long as you are providing consumers with your offerings, you might catch the right person and the right time and create a lifetime customer.

I wanted to highlight two different types of companies, one publication and one retailer, to show that no matter what type of product you are selling or message you are pushing, as long as the content you provide is quality, people won’t unsubscribe from your lists, they will tell their friends about your company and products, and they might even write a blog post about you.