We often get asked the question, "How often should I redesign my site?" It's a tough question to answer; the reality is that web trends evolve quickly and websites age rapidly. To stay at the forefront of modern design, you have to keep your site fresh. Depending on the technology used to drive your current site, we recommend evaluating the advantage of a redesign every 2-3 years. Many of the projects I work on are new designs or site updates for current clients who have reached the point at which it makes sense to redesign their sites. I’ve walked through many redesigns and understand the hesitation of rebuilding your site - a new web project is a ton of work! But redesigns of existing sites can be easy if planned properly. I haven’t had one client regret redesigning their website with us. At the end of the process, I usually get asked, "How soon would you recommend until we redesign the website again?" Doing a minor or major front-end refresh of your site every few years should be a quick and painless exercise that will keep your business' web presence up to date.

Here are a few tips to consider that will help make the process of redesigning your site easy for you and your company:

  1. Project Managers are there to help you. We are the key contact people in your project. We aren’t trying to sell you on new products that we don’t think would be useful to you. If you have any concerns we are here to help you. We are realistic and understanding about the process, but always want to make you happy. Utilize us, we rather you ask too many questions or be very direct in what you want for your website then say nothing. I’m happy to provide some direction and will help as much we can. We understand that your website is an important part of your business, so if you are feeling anxious, stressed, worried, etc let us know - we will help alleviate those feelings.
  2. Bring your Favorite Websites. Do you have a favorite website? Tell us, I love details. It doesn’t have to be in your industry. If you really like the concept of an E-commerce site and you aren’t one, that’s fine. Letting us know in your redesign what you love and what you don’t is great. This will ensure we create what you want and are looking for in a site.
  3. Push your Comfort Levels. Since websites upgrade rather fast and ensuring you stay on top of the trend, try to get out of your comfort zone. You do not have to be extreme in changes, but moving a little out of your safe zone will help keep you on-trend.
  4. Organization of Content. Once you start the project, start collecting all new and old data for your site. Having your information ready when the site is ready to edit will move the site into launch quicker. Instead of it being 4 weeks, it'll be 1 week for editing and collecting data. Once you have the data early, I will use it when I test the components of the site so the majority of it will already be set-up once I start testing the site. When you start early it will also help figure out if you would like to add or remove items from your site.
  5. Go Ahead and Launch. Can't decide on a picture? Or still editing that one paragraph you feel like doesn't sound quite right? That is okay. If 99% of your site looks wonderful, and you have that one photo or a paragraph that just isn't 'right' yet., remember you are able to edit it after the site is launched. Instead of trying to stress it, I would go ahead and launch your site because sometimes it is just nerves. When you see it live, it might look perfect because you may have been worried and stressed. If you decide that wasn't the right picture in a week you are able to change it. Don't stress some of the small items like the perfect photo, instead take a deep breath and push forward with launching your site. These are the items you are able to easily fix if you change your mind.

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