Often times when pitching a client EmailzDirect we get the question ‘What should I email about?’ There is always a concern that subscribed users will not want an email from their company. No matter if you’re B2C, B2B, behind the scenes, etc. If you have a customer’s email you should be sending content to them. We decided to gather a shortlist of our most common emails and dump it here for inspiration. Here are just some of the emails we create day to day for clients:

1. Company News – What’s going on at your company? What should customers know? Keep them informed via email.

2. New Products – The easy email. Added a new product to the site? Email it!

3. New Services – Just like products if you have a new offering.. email it!

4. Upcoming Holidays – We are always combing through general and obscure holiday calendars to determine what could fit for each client. Find ones that connect or make sense for your company. Then develop a theme around the holiday and send that email.

5. Top Customer Reviews – Each month we gather reviews of hot products that received great reviews. We take those reviews and mock them up into a great email. This is neat for not only potential customers but also customers who wrote the reviews.

6. Top Customer Photos – Have customers uploading your photos to your site? Getting tagged in social media? Gather up those photos(with permission) and create an email blast about them!

7. New Hires – New staff member(s)? Let your customers or clients know more people are joining the team.

8. Website Re-launch – This only happens so often, but it’s the perfect time to send an email

9. Forecasts/Trends/Information – Keep your customer informed with your industry if changes are going to happen in the future.

10. Featured Customers – Have a stand out a customer that would be neat to read about? Ask them a few questions about how they work with your company/why they like doing business with you. Grab their photo, company logo, and boom you have an awesome email.

11. Funny Topics In Your Industry – Ever come across something that made you ‘lol’? Well then it might be worth emailing clients

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