What is the value of your brand? In most scenarios, this is not a simple answer.

Value is determined by the receiver, who can be customers, employees, investors, and a network for awareness. In this mix, there's probably a variety of answers where some are positive and negative. Often, the answer of what something means to you is wrapped with an emotion that's already established.

Now that you've considered your answer a bit more, ask a coworker the same question. The more types of answers you receive, the better you understand how your brand is understood and represented. These answers can be grabbed from tone of comments on social media, review comments on reputation sites, and company comments on job board sites among others.

Understanding what your brand means to another individual is critical for brand marketing. Deciding on messaging and the reaction this messaging creates should build emotional connections to your audience. Without these connections, your audience may not understand the value they should receive.

Building a brand marketing campaign requires a carefully crafted message, imagery that represents the value and impact your brand represents, platforms to deliver that message, and a long-term engagement strategy to continue delivering value through messaging such as email marketing, social marketing, ppc, blogging, webinars, event sponsorships, and more.

Learn more about how to recognize if your brand strategy is working in this next section.

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