Joined by Anita Slaughter, Dr. Gray Stahlman discuss truths, common myths, and pitfalls in nutrition and training.

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Anita Slaughter holds a degree in occupational therapy, is a personal trainer of 22 years, and also teaches group fitness. Anita's primary location along with 6 personal trainers is the Music Row studio, and partners with TOA at Sports Performance Centers in Lebanon and Franklin (Tennessee).

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Starting with a common misconception of nutrition and fitness is that it takes too much time:

The answer: Planning ahead. "I'll normally sit down with clients the night before and plan all your meals for tomorrow. We'll look at what time you're going to have your meals, making sure you're getting a good protein-dense meal after your workout. If you're going to have any of your meals at a restaurant then we'll look at the menu ahead of time, decide what you're going to have so once you get there you'll make smart choices" mentioned Anita. "That serves several purposes. First it makes sure we're getting a good balanced nutrition" such as "good quality protein, getting enough fruits and vegetables." It also helps plan for your shopping so you get in the mindset of getting certain things.

Another big topic that's becoming less prevalent is that personal training is a luxury expense for the rich and famous, and not for us every day folks. Anita continued "People are starting to see the value of being more in preventative maintenance so their exercise is more affective and reducing medical costs later. We all don't have two, three, or more times a week to see a trainer. They'll come in once a month to have us check their program and give new ideas. There's many ways to balance it with your available time and budget. We help you break barriers to find a program that works for you."

Let's talk diet next. "There's not a one size fit's all approach to diet," mentioned Anita. It should be tailored to each person individually based off behavior. "I add one or two changes to their typical eating plan, either adding or deleting something. We'll put that into practice over a few weeks. Once they make it habitual, we'll add on a few more. The process continues in that way and doesn't seem overwhelming. It makes the client more successful and provides lasting results."

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