Companies that do not have a strong SEO & mobile marketing strategy are at a serious disadvantage compared to their competitors. Strong SEO rankings ensure that your customers are able to find you organically when they are looking for the products and services you offer. By ranking higher organically in search engine result pages, you are one of the first options your audience sees that is not an advertisement, thus interpreted as more trustworthy, and you are also displaying that as a top result in the search engine result page, the search engine itself has given you it’s vote of confidence and is recommending your website as a top result to help the searcher answer their query. Ensuring you are also optimized for mobile accessibility is also important for developing your customer base and ensuring that traffic that arrives to your website finds the ease of navigation and can quickly find the products your company offers.


Having a strong SEO strategy brings with it many benefits, some less obvious than others. According to BrightEdge Research, 53% of all web traffic comes from organic sources and many marketers and website managers have said that some of their highest quality website traffic comes from organic search. Having a strong SEO strategy ensures that the people who need your products and services are able to find you right at the moment they are ready to convert. SEO is trackable and it is easy for marketers and website managers to learn where they stand on SEO rankings and what steps they can take to improve. Unlike many traditional marketing methods, SEO is fully quantifiable and progress on your SEO journey is easy to measure. Having your SEO fine tuned can be the difference between appearing in the top search results for a search such as “home gym” or “workout equipment” and making a sale or generating a lead and not even showing on the first page at all.

Now more than ever, people are turning to mobile devices to search for the products they need. Utilizing a mobile-friendly approach allows your website to adapt to the device it is being viewed on. Whether someone is opening your website from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it is important that your website maintains uniformity and consistency in the way it is displayed. Mobile-friendly web design also makes your site easier to interact with by incorporating functionality like touch screen and unique mobile navigation. By ensuring your website is suited for mobile, you can feel confident that potential customers are easily able to search for and purchase the products that you offer.

Designing websites to be both SEO and mobile friendly can be a challenge, but it is one that E-Dreamz loves to undertake. Trusted for 23 years by Charlotte businesses, E-Dreamz has the skills and knowledge needed to help you evolve your digital presence and show your audience that you are the brand they should trust to provide what they need. If you are curious about E-Dreamz capabilities and would like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!

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