Any individual can find contact information for a doctor or healthcare facility. But what makes them set and commit to an appointment?

In the digital world, there’s a mix of digital marketing strategies and content strategies that help make that consumer decision easier. For medical practitioners, approximately 3% of web traffic converts. This rate is behind the general conversion rate for all industries of 6% according to an unbounce report. At a 3% average, every potential lead and their journey in considering your practice is important. That feeling is called nurturing.

How do you enhance audience nurturing to increase the opportunity to convert your audience into appointment-making patients? Here are a few tips we’ve used for our E-dreamz healthcare clients to make a positive impact in lead nurturing:

Tip 1: Make every individual feel important.

Everyone is important, their thoughts, responses, and interests. Countless articles on appealing and engaging with your audience advise to stay away from selling too much, but rather talk to their interests. Consider the landing page and supplemental page content, social media content, and emails. Structuring your message to tell a story, advise, or explain why it’s important will influence decisions.

Tip 2: Communicate As An Expert.

Converting leads and moving them through the sales funnel means they are adopting your brand and expertise in the medical field into their interests. Take tip 1 above and explain simple subjects for the everyday person to understand in an engaging way. Convince on the reasons, the affects, and what steps to take without pitching.

Tip 3: Follow Up

Have you ever sent an email to a colleague and not received an answer or acknowledgement until you’ve had to send another email asking for confirmation? Imagine a potential patient subscribing to an email list and not receiving a confirmation or 1st message soon after. What about after a visit, and there isn’t a follow up to continue interest in next steps? Consider the follow up, whether email or SMS (text), as a way to re-engage or serve as a reminder for your patients.

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