OrthoCarolina Healthcare Marketing Case Study


For more than a decade, E-dreamz has enjoyed the privilege of being counted among OrthoCarolina's most valued partners and vendors. As one of the largest multi-location medical practices in the country, OrthoCarolina's presence in Charlotte and the Carolinas is impossible to miss. Over the years, we have developed three full-scale rebuilds of the main orthocarolina.com website, numerous front-end redesigns, several satellites, and ancillary web properties. Thanks to our rewarding partnership with OrthoCarolina, E-dreamz has developed the tools, experience, and skill set to provide premier level web development and marketing services for large medical groups.

The OrthoCarolina healthcare website is one of the largest, most content-rich medical websites in the country.

The OrthoCarolina user experience is manifold. It starts up front with immediate access to detailed information and easy look-up tools for OrthoCarolina's impressive team of Physicians and medical staff. Visitors can also easily browse and find the nearest location from OrthoCarolina's network of dozens of offices across the region. Beyond that, there are well-organized resources, services pages, patient tools and portals, and information on regional affiliations. All this, however, pales in comparison to the enormous media center that OrthoCarolina's PR and marketing team maintains - to highlight the efforts of their physicians, showcase local events, share detailed case studies and patient success stories, and provide industry news or health and fitness tips.

Content Management System
Because of the enormous amount of content that OrthoCarolina generates and posts on its website routinely, an enterprise-level, completely dynamic content management system is an absolute must. The newest iteration of orthocarolina.com runs on our Echo by E-dreamz website platform and is powered by an administrative back-end that allows the OC team to create, manage and associate content throughout all areas of the website. With many cross-linking and relationship tools available, the admin allows for easy assignment of specialties to physicians, of physicians to locations, of articles and media items to physicians or locations, and more. All content is completely dynamic, flexible and extendable.

Page Speed & User Experience
Any time you build a website that supports as much rich content as orthocarolina.com, you must spend a lot of time thinking through performance and UX. On the performance end of things, the website uses multiple layers of caching, database query optimizations, and image controllers to ensure each section of the site is as fast-loading as possible. The menus, navigation structure, and landing page callouts have all been fine-tuned to deliver intuitive user experience, providing multiple easy to access paths to all core information on the site. Packing all that content into a streamlined, responsive web design that loads properly and quickly on mobile devices was a fun challenge to solve.

Search Engine Optimization
OrthoCarolina's marketing team is uniquely focused on ensuring its content is appropriately crafted, structured and delivered to maximize organic and technical SEO according to modern best practices. The CMS is packed with SEO-focused tools to allow for complete control over meta information, redirects, open graph data, page titles, etc. And the optimizations and page-speed efforts of the application design work in concert with the content-oriented SEO to make sure the website suffers no penalties from Google's algorithm for mobile-friendliness or speed and performance.

If you're a medical group in search of a custom-built, superior medical web design, well-optimized and high performing website, please contact us to learn more about what E-dreamz can offer as your digital partner.


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