1. Pay Attention to On-page SEO

One of the main ways most clients get traffic is through SEO. It isn’t dying, it's one of the main ways clients come to your site. The main goal is to ensure you have top searched keywords on the site. You’ll want to review through SEMrush, Hrefs, or Moz to see which keywords rank well.

Once you’ve selected your keywords, I would recommend starting with 5 - 8 main keywords. From there you’ll want to find your top-ranked pages and start from the top and place those keywords throughout your content and meta information. Ensure whatever your keywords are, that they match your content on the pages.

2. Implement Schema

Schema is a structured data set that allows Google to quickly and accurately pull the most important items on a web page. Specifically things like your homepage, locations, reviews, resources, blogs, and products.

It quickly identifies those items on your site and tells the search engine what is valuable on those pages. You are able to code them in through the site or set-up Google Tag Manager to track it properly.

3. Add Internal Links

Customers should be able to reach different pages throughout the site easily. Find your keywords and link them throughout the site to related blogs and content pages. This will allow your customers to access your information easier and also trigger your SEO to be higher.

4. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to converting or when they're using voice search. The amount of people looking for the words is lower but the return rate is higher. You are creating more qualified people especially when single keywords can be incredibly hard to rank for on your website.

5. Mobile Responsiveness

The majority of traffic is now coming from mobile devices and not only that but Google is mobile-first. This means it reviews your mobile website before your desktop website. You need to be asking yourself, does my website respond quickly and well on mobile? If not this can tank your rankings and customers are less likely to stay on your site if it’s hard to use on mobile.

6. Get Active on Social

Being on social media is more than just putting up a few posts, it's about interacting with your social following. Are you creating questions for your customers to use through stories on Instagram? Are you responding to those who leave reviews? Are you thanking those for sharing your profiles? Social has expanded tremendously and your audience is expecting you to reach out to them, let them know you hear and see them.

7. Blog Outreach

Blog outreach can work in a variety of ways. One of my favorite ways to use blog outreach is by finding a guest blogger to create something for your website. Have them tag themselves on your website and their website. Ensure they are someone who is respected in the community. My other favorite way is to reach out to blogs who specialize in your industry and give them content they can’t refuse. By doing this you are allowing active users for your industry to find you and show that you have credit from supporting industry leaders.

8. Republish Popular Articles on Social

Can’t think of something to write about for your next social post? That’s fine! Go and review your social media to see what article got the most likes and shares. You can also go to Google Analytics to see which article got the most traffic. From there reuse and repost that blog, just ensure your graphics are a little different just so it isn’t exactly identical.

9. Find Forums

Forums are popular. Some of the best traffic I've gotten is from Reddit. It has a huge following and tons of topics. There are specific industries that can’t use Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and more. The best way to reach a targeted audience when you can’t use that is through forums. Once you find industry matching forums you find a great targeted audience. Maybe the views are less than Google ads but the return rate is often higher.

10 . Run a Contest/Giveaway

If you are like me, you like free things. Create social posts around giveaways by sharing your profile and tagging friends. This is a great way for small businesses to expand their reach. You can also create contests around getting reviews. That’s a 2 for 1. Especially since reviews are huge in eCommerce. If you don’t have great reviews it can be harder to generate trust.

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