The E-dreamz Website Project Process


Every new engagement starts with a discovery phase. In our initial conversation, we try to gain an understanding of your existing digital footprint - this includes your website, your social media, any paid ads, position relative to competitors, and a general analysis of your existing web content. We use the information gathered in the Discovery phase to develop a Scope of Work and formalize a proposal for your practice.

  • Analysis of your current website's features, functions, content & user flow
  • Evaluation of your digital marketing efforts and positioning
  • Development of a Scope of Work that includes recommendations for enhancement and optimization


Once an agreement has been reached, the first phase of our project process is Definition. In this phase, we detail all pages, features, functions, and associated backend or integration requirements for your website. This can take the form of a sitemap, outline, or full wireframe depending on the size and complexity of your website. At this time, we also develop our internal engineering requirements documents to support the Development phase.

  • Sitemapping and requirements documentation for your website's core pages, features & functions
  • User Experience journey for your primary audiences (Patients, Peers and Job Seekers)
  • Engineering guide for any integrations or other custom functionality


We can approach your new website's design in one of two ways. Most of our clients prefer to start the process by leveraging a prebuilt website themes. The advantage of themes is that they accelerate the development time of the project by offloading much of the front-end coding. If you prefer to start with a theme, our team will customize the selected theme in your organization's colors & branding, and adjust any content elements to fit your site's structure. The other option is to create a fully custom design. Where this approach is preferred, our creative team will conduct a design interview with your team and develop custom mockups of your website's look and feel.

  • Options to use either prebuilt themes or request a custom design
  • Adherence to your brand guidelines for colors, fonts & logo treatment
  • Emphasis on mobile-friendliness and overall user experience


Once a Design has been approved, our engineering team will then build out your website in staging sandbox environment. Once the prototype of your new website is buit, your project manager will review the site with you and conduct a training session to orient you with the website's content management system in the administrative backend. At this time, our team will work with you to populate the site with finalized content and images, conduct user acceptance testing with your team, and make any necessary revisions to finalize the website.

  • Prototype website developed in a sandbox environment
  • Training and review conducted with your team
  • Content entry & user testing completed in the sandbox environment


Once your prototype website is completed and approved, our system administration team will work with you or your IT team to plan the go-live of your new website. This involves updating DNS to point your domain name to the new live server. The deployment process also includes the basic SEO setup to ensure your previous website's pages are properly redirected to the corresponding pages on the new website.

  • Go-live scheduling, communication and management
  • SEO setup to establish necessary 301 redirects
  • Assistance with updating DNS for your domain

E-dreamz Project Management

Our website project management process is focused on communication, efficiency and transparency. We leverage communication tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, and of course phone & email. Your assigned Project Manager will conduct a project kickoff meeting with you to review estimated timeline, milestones, deliverables, and touch-points. We maintained shared Googled Docs throughout the process to ensure everyone involved is always up to date on the latest tasks & review cycles.

  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Consistent and frequent communication
  • Collaborative documentation tools to ensure continual updates

E-dreamz Support

We maintain a client Help Desk for managing support requests. If you need support at any time, simply submit a ticket, and a member of our team will respond to gather additional information and/or provide you with an estimate for the request. Our goal for general support is to provide high quality and fast turnaround. We typically complete routine requests within 3-5 business days. For larger requests, we'll provide you with an estimated timeline.

  • Client Help Desk for submitting new requests
  • Direct access to our team of designers, developers, strategists and administrators
  • Full history of communication, updates, estimates and status changes

E-dreamz Digital Marketing Retainers

We provide ongoing digital marketing services through a monthly hourly retainer. The retainer model allows us to consistently schedule an allocation of working hours to your account each month to cover the time needed to excecute the tactics and campaigns developed for your marketing plan. Through the retainer model, we can continually shift focus to invest time into the areas of digital marketing where you'll see greatest return. Time can be put toward SEO, content generation, social media management, paid ad management, email marketing, reputation management, or any other service we provide. Our marketing team will work with you to establish a retainer that meets your needs, budget and digital marketing goals.

  • Monthly hourly retainer dedicated to your account
  • Flexibility to continually shift focus to target the areas of greatest opportunity
  • Detailed end of month reporting to highlight efforts and results

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